Wednesday, 31 October 2012

We Are Away Again...

Hi guys

The dealership rang and said it was ready.... this seemed unusual to me given what we had seen.

They had 5 of them looking at it and trying to sort it out, the tech who did it returned and told them what he had done.

We arrive at the dealership, the service manager took us out the back and explained that they had used Belray grease on the shift lever and gears.

He mixed up some oil and some Belray grease and made it look very similar to the mix in the pan, the tech must have used half a tube of grease as three oil changes later it still looks the same, they asure me it is fine.

The good news is that seems to be the oil/metal problem, the bad news is 3rd gear still screams unnaturally loud but they say it is fine, they did replace the 4 bearings as they were quote gritty, circlips, seals, gaskets etc and the piston rings.

I am hopeful this is the last time the bike is in the shop for repairs, I don't mind bits and pieces but engines out are BANNED.

Up till today Suzuki have spent is excess of the value of the bike just in the motor and kept us off the road for more than 25% of our trip so far.

I still have my reliable DR650 at home which we built our adventure on, will I buy another Suzuki ,well I wanted to buy a DRZ 400 when I return home, I think this will change.

I had my KTM990 which was flawless so I think I will stick with orange.

On our TMK site I have called them Weapons Of Choice, at the moment I would change that to The Pieces Of Shit We Ended Up With, as you can tell I am angry at Suzuki for letting this unfold ridiculously long and it would seem this current round was the result of Lelands misfitting parts. 

Anyway, on a positive note we are on our way tomorrow morning, we have reference stuff from Clawson Suzuki showing dates etc so Immigration/Irritation, homeland sec, consulates etc can deal with it as we have gone out of our way to make it right with no help from any departments and if they are still upset with us well there are plenty of other places to ride the world who will want our contribution to their economy.

I will say thank you to Josh from Clawsons, he has pulled the blocks to make it happen as best he can given the time frame, the seem to be te only good guys we have dealt with.

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