Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Diamond Lake

We arrived at Diamond Lake by accident, we didn’t even know about it until we saw a road sign! ..... that looks OK so we will go there 

Because it was getting cold and the Americans don’t go camping very much after October, most camping grounds are closing and the only one we found in the area before dark was the Diamond Lake camping ground which is our favourite campground.  

This is our site, note autumn colours, me doing so electrical testing

David and Kathleens trailer

It was only 80 miles (144K) west of Crater Lake. The camping ground is huge -- half of it has closed, the other half, from the entry gate to where we set up our camp would be 3/4 mile. It has a hot shower, heated toilets, outside the camp (lucky it was at our end) about 500m away is a fishing village, a general store and lodge which offers free wifi. 

Our neighbours David and Kathleen from south California were traveling in their big trailer. They picked up a Taiwanese girl Justine (20 something year old) who just finished working in the Glacier National Park now riding a push bike in America.

They camped in Diamond Lake for 3 days, did some fishing. Justine had never fished in her life, she caught the biggest trout among the three of them, talk about beginner’s luck.

We sat at the camp fire with them and exchanged traveling stories. 

The next day, Ellen got up in the morning went for a run, she came back and we decided to stay for another day - It’s got every thing we need, why not! Then Kathleen invited us to their warm trailer (out side was -3 degree .... below zero!) for a coffee. 

As the morning went, the sun came out, lots of people arriving for a fishing competition, the camping ground was filling up real quick. David and Kathleen decided to make a move. We said goodbyes and went for a walk along the lake ourselves. Of course, pictures will do the talking.

Beautiful autumn colours

Some moss on the trees

This is Mount Thielson, pretty coul!!


We came back to the camp later in the afternoon and the Ranger had come around telling people there would be 2 - 3 inches of rain in the next two days. It’s time to go...

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