Friday, 19 October 2012

Crater Lake

This post is one of more pictures, I simply cannot write about a destination that will rival New Zealands best, found myself standing on the top of the crater with a small tear of appreciation trickling down my cheek. Simply WOW.

We left camp and set off for Crater Lake, it was -3 deg C or 26.6 F for you guys in the US.

It was a very crisp ride but short enough not to worry about putting on the woolies.

The day was warming up very quickly, upon arriving at the Lodge we asked to leave our riot gear with them for safe keeping.

They were very accommodating so we left them with our gear.

On exiting out of the lounge area through the door that opens out onto the lake we were instantly wowed, 

I have to say we were both blown away, an older fello said he had been there a dozen times before and never seen the incredible reflections we had in front of us. 

Our aim was to climb up to the top of Garfield to the viewpoint, this turned out to be very easy compared to Yosemite falls being only half the distance and one third of the elevation. 

A tree on the way up being used as a stone store

Us ... luvin it

Ellens stalker shadow .. it seemed to be enjoying itself too 

The view from the top   

Big mounts in the distance

The edge of the lake

The lake was so still it looked plastic

The return walk was one of many photos as Ellen and I could not help bringing out the Two Photo Kiwis enthusiasts.

We were getting worried cos Ellens stalker shadow was getting bigger .... hmmmmm 

On the way around the crater we dropped in to see the hoodoos or pinacles

Back at the Lodge a coffee was had, pictures uploaded, gear picked up and we were on our way, we headed on our way to Diamond lake..

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