Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lodi and Sacramento

We are running into some bad lucks today, broken G9, bike was back to the dealer ship, but as Andi always says : No one died. We just have to harden the F up, and carry on living. 

We were so focused on the bike, haven’t had a chance to thank Doug and Janet from Lodi who took care of us for the last few days. and I know Andi would not have time to check my grammar and spellings today, so please put up with some Chiwi English. Thank you Doug and Janet on behalf of Two Moto Kiwis.

While Hobbit was in Clawson waiting for the parts for the third gear, we received a PM from a fellow ADVer, he wrote: “See you are in Fresno with bike issues.I am 2 hours north in Lodi. Not sure what direction you are headed next but spare room available and willing to assist any way I can.”

This is our wonderful host Doug - Photoed by Dan

We replied him and told him our situation, then he wrote back: “ I offer a couple ideas.
1, I have an 08 DR650 I can loan you, happy to deliver it to Fresno , then you can ride where you want; I can come get you (and the OK bike) and bring you here, then you can borrow my GMC Yukon or the DR650 and go where ever you like. Happy to deliver you back to Fresno when your bike is ready. I'm only a phone call away.” What a nice man.

We jumped on Chiwi (she has been reliable) come down to Lodi to meet Doug. Boy he took us under his wings and make us feel welcome.

The next day, Doug and Janet took us for a tiki tour around his district. There are a few wineries (can’t you believe it?) around that area, with the local knowledge, we went to Ironstone Vineyard which holds the biggest natural Gold nugget in the North America. 

The big gold

The Vineyard

We even made the effort to the town called Murphys to whisper him make our trip uneventful in the further, it didn’t seem to work, however, a walk around town and a good dose of ice cream was really nice.

Downtown at Murphys, remind us Arrow Town at home

Ice Cream for girls

Sushi for dinner again, hope Andi isn't sick of it 

The day after, we decided just kicking around at his home and relax a bit after visited an other two local vineyards again. Doug’s friend Dan with his third generation Chinese wife Chris turned up. Here we are, me, can’t speak Cantonese, her, can’t speak Mandarin, two Chinese woman talk in English. They are very nice couple, offered to meet us for lunch in Sacramento next day.

More wine testing

Posh place

Party time again

In the afternoon, Doug’s another Dan friend brought another guest - Trevor who we met on the Horizon Unlimited Meeting in Cambria. He is riding a Yamaha Tenere to South America too. We all sit down had a drink and as we do then off to the local pub “Waterloo Saloon” for a good feed of pork ribs. 

International traveller's gathering again

Doug took us (me, Andi and Trevor) to Sacramento on Monday. We meet Dan and Chris at a Chinese Supermarket for a roast duck lunch - plus some other goodies. Then we went to immigration to get Andi fired up. (read the B2 Visa saga, you will understand)

Bugger me, three "white boys" using chopsticks better than most of Chinese

After Andi calmed down, we went to Sacramento old town. It was a neat place, lots of gift shop, bar and restaurants. Doug took us a long way round back to Lodi, on the way back, we stopped at a little Chinese town called Locke. Funny they said this is China Town, didn’t see any Chinese except me.

I like this office better

Can you tell me when our bikes are trouble free?

Sacramento Old Town

China Town again

Does it make me look like a Chinese?

Back to home was dark. Trevor has to change oil for his Tenere, he will be on his way to yosemite and we will be back to Fresno. Doug, is waiting for a German ADVer who had a broke down in Death Vally, come and pick up Doug’s DR650 to ride the Big Sir...

Boys with toys

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