Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lake Tahoe

With the ride to Tahoe being uneventful it was relaxing and pretty with some of the passes already sporting autumn colours that were sneaking in quietly but noticeably. 

Truckee was our next destination which was a house swap we did in NZ two years back so a time to catch up on some writing, the photo precessing and learning how to use imovie etc, unfortunately the place we were staying at had a hot tub, garage, great views and a soft bed with sheets ... and cups .... bit of a bugga but we got by.

First day we walked around town, did some food shopping and got a thermometer to replace the previous escapee in Fresno, what started as a quick walk to the shops turned into about a 12 km walk, nice to get the legs moving again after Yosemite but on the flats.

Some stuff in the shops (note Ellen time)

Rest the old bones

Our reward was a dunk in the hot tub to soak the bones .... l u v e l y !!!

Second day was a catch up and fix it day (again), Ellens Touratech cradle had been playing up so it was the trouble shooting day with upgrades on software from Garmin eliminating the problem, turns out the Garmin power cradle was the problem.

Also my AME grips are playing up, they cleverly turned themselves on in Fresno to full heat when it was 99 F so very unwelcomed as I struggled to hold the bars, I had to pull the power again on them so I would not rate these grips very highly at all giving this is already the second set.

Third day we took a day trip to Incline Village and Sand Harbour, we spotted some money into the local economy buying food etc, in exchange we had bean spotted beautiful weather with a nice ride, win win.

X marks the spot!!!

That evening was one of luxury again in the hot tub, this was turning out to be a hell of a treat.

Day four, we planned to do a biggish walk on the Pacific Crest trail however we got a little waylaid and ended up riding up Donner pass road from Donner Lake, again we were graced with great views, a groovy bridge and car that had a little damage, should buff out tho, I suspect not enough compression damping eh. 

We rode around to the roads end and left Chiwi there, our feet took us for about a 4 mile walk around the lake, through the camp ground and back, we then returned to town to get some food.

Ellen decided to head off for a run into the forest and found a road that headed up to a lake and pass so that was on the agenda for the following day to look up there.

Did I mention the hot tub. 

Day 5, video mounts had been bugging me so it was time to do something about it, off to ACE hardware for a skunk around, found some sprung loaded brackets which are perfect so it was all on to get these mounted.

On completion of getting the mounts done we we both piled back onto Ellens bike and rode through the forest block to Watson Lake, Brockway summit and Watson point to look over Lake Tahoe, spectacular views to say the least and a neat cruse through the forestry.

Cool track to get up there

Not sure why this sign said this but I obeyed anyway 

Day 6, so it was time to leave and head off up to Reno to meet Scott and Joanne.

We cleaned up, packed up and shot off up highway 89 to meet up with Scott at Sierraville, Scott then took us on a roundabout ride to lookout points and forestry roads which was mint as without local knowledge we would not have seen any of this.

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