Saturday, 2 February 2013

La Manzanillo To Apatzingan

Said goodbye to Spencer Mary Ken and Carol and headed for the hills.

Our route took us along the coastline then inland to Colima up to Tepalcatepec and down to Apatzingan .... apparently a very dangerous road we found out afterwards but everyone we saw waived.

Some dangerous locals on a truck

It was a reasonably long day (for us anyway), we got up to 2300 metres and it was actually quite cool again.

Apart from a quick chain adjustment and a coupla photo stops it was 20 degrees still and sunny ... but no lattes!!

We did however watch a hill steam away with a small eruption which was a treat.

Arriving at Apatzingan it was BLOODY hot, 40 degrees and we managed to time it perfectly for rush hour and were stuck in traffic ..did I mention it was hot.

Poor Maya worked up a bit of a sweat reaching 6 bars out of 7 on the temperature gauge, she had a piddle of petrol too, sounds like an O ring maybe on its way out.

We found a Hotel, parking way off the street and quiet (well... for Mexico), we turned on the ceiling fan and nearly had to nail everything down with stuff being blow everywhere. ... it worked well!!

Dude who worked there was really keen to learn of our trip, nice guy too.

Tea time was on so wondering off into the town centre we found a Chinese Restaurant, we said (we Ellen did) gidday and Ellen started talking in Chinese to Chun Sheng the fello at the counter who turned out to be the owner.

After about 10 minutes of chatting we decided to stop there and have Chinese for a change from Tacos etc.

We placed our order, Chun Sheng gave a us a BIG serving and then said gratis!!! .... he was so happy to talk with Ellen in Chinese so it was a treat for him and we certainly appreciated the food which was second to none, a very nice surprise indeed. 

If you find your self in Apatzingan and wanting Chinese he is located about 4 blocks south of the city square on Constitucion, the food is excellent.

A treat was in order while in town so we got icecreams, it was very nice to sit in the town square and watch the world go by.

Couple of pics of town centre

A fountain

The church by night

On the way back we found these, we have no idea what they are but the colours were outstanding. 

Next stop Uruapan and Volcano hunting!!

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