Monday, 25 February 2013

Palenque To Campeche

Nothing happened  .... at least that is what Ellen said. 

The trip was very hot and sticky, we are starting to get used to it now but 38 - 40 degrees with high humidity still takes some adjusting for us Kiwis.

Arriving at Campeche was nice, the town is very clean, tidy and nicely kept.

Ellen found a new boyfriend 

Finding a hotel was a bit of a mission as there wasn’t much in centro that was reasonably priced.

There was the 200 Peso dump or the 700 Peso middle of the range and up from there, Campeche is fairly touristy thus this showed in the prices.

We settled on an expensive (for us) hotel at 400 Peso but it did have air conditioning, the first place we had with air conditioning so it was nice.

One of the side streets, beautiful colours

A walk down to the waterfront to watch people do there thing was neat, we were treated to a pretty groovy sunset and the place was alive with people cycling, walking and general exercising which was a little unusual but we are guessing it is the influence from the Expats living there.

And check it out, the sun's brother the moon.

There are canons lined up along the waterfront and lots of places to sit and relax

Being hungry and near food stands we bought chips and deep fried chorizos for tea and churros for dessert .... YUM!! 

Churros, dessert in the making 

Plus our empanada lunch, we really had a bad food day, big time!

Heading back to the hotel Ellen splashed out and bought some new jandles as hers were falling apart.

A good nights sleep was had in the cool of the room WITHOUT dogs barking their heads off..... it was very nice indeed to have the change.

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