Monday, 11 February 2013

Zitacuaro To Mexico City

Sorry for the delay chaps and chapesses ..... been very busy in the big,

The trip was very uneventful, we only had small milage to do to meet up with Garry and Ivonne from ADV, otherwise known as

On the way we had time for an Oxxo Coffee

We met at Toluca BMW outside the KTM shed .... yes just a shed while the poofy BMWs sat behind glass(only jealous).

Garry and Ivonne arrived, greetings and smiles were had and we followed them back to

That is were we are going....

Garry and Ivonne taking the lead

We had the room with the orange wall so I felt at home straight away.

Warm welcomes and next thing the bar b q is out and game on for feed second to none, grilled chicken tacos with cheese mmmmmm.

Step aside Gordon Who? .. the master at work.

A table load of tucker under ominous clouds

The full team from left to right, Ivonne, Garry, Ellen, Ivonnes mum ... and me.

Garry was kind enough to take us into town, as it doesn’t rain in Mexico City ... except for that night ..... we travelled around looking at downtown in the wet ... no worries we had a windscreen, heater and wipers ... saweet.

Coupled with this non rain we were treated to spectacular lightning display which lit up the car time and again like someone was taking our photo time and again. 

Garry pointed out some cool places to go, this was great as we knew then what we were looking for.

We returned home weary and hot the sack given it was a school night for Garry

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