Friday, 15 February 2013

Mexico City Day 5 & 6

Mexico City Day 5

For me it was one to get our racks modified slightly to take out the wobble, the top case wobbled a bit on corrugations and toppes so instead of waiting for things to crack I added to braces in to transfer the load.

I met Sinoe from Moto Desierto, very nice guy and very helpful and a rider beyond belief in the mad Mexican traffic.

First I had to buy a full 6m bar of tube and .5 kg of welding rods, next we had to get two 3m bars back to the workshop after cutting the main length in half.

No worries, bungied to the front and I held it up so Sinoe could ride us back to his workshop.

Sinoe had some other jobs to run so I carried on and fabricated how I wanted the job to turn out.

Maya created quite a bit of interest with many photos and people stopping to look. 

Mexico City Day 6

The Pyramids And Birthday Party .... the perfect combo

Sunday, great day to visit the mighty pyramids north of the city, the main pyramid, pyramid of the sun in Mexico City is the 3rd tallest in the world so definitely worth going too.

We had a stunning day dished up for us and to be fair the crowds (according to Gary and Ivonne) was pretty good so the lineup only about 80 metres long and we were in pretty quickly.

Four of us lined up and ready to go

The stomp up the pyramid was in three tiers, good for a rest part way up and photo stop op.

There was a steady flow of people up and down, at the top of the big pyramid there is a small metal “thingie” that you can place your finger on and feel the power ... after doing that we all walked around the top of the pyramid like superman and wonderwoman taking in the spectacular views.

From the top

Finishing with the biggie we continued to the smaller pyramid called the pyramid of the moon the other smaller pyramid are all just and breath taking with the amount of work that went into them. 

From the other end

Show the size of the place

Ellen on one of the side works

Mini panorama

That evening we were invited to a 30th birthday party for first response motorcycle doctor and a very nice guy indeed, there was family and friend there and two dodgy kiwis, they had mariachis singing at 110db and dancing, it was quite the bash.

The main man


Garry and Ivonne dancing the night away

Tamalis were supplied for the evening supper along with some non alcoholic drinks, we had taken some wine so that went down very well.

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