Friday, 15 February 2013

Mexico City Day 3 (day 2 a rest)

Getting into town we stopped at the correct place to go to the Zoo to start with, walking through the gardens and lake along the way, the water probably not drinkable but making beautiful colours.

The Zoo, first to to say is it is FREE ... yes FREE, could not believe it.

First thing you say is well it must be crap if it is free, NOT ON YOU LIFE!! this place is incredible, well kept and great facility, I saw animals there I have not seen before and to be fair I went mad with the camera, I will bore you will only a few shots ... the rest you will have to go see for yourself. 

Grizzly bear

A Busy turtle 

A Lyncs, beautiful cat



A lion



....last one, Panda bear

No more or I will bore you to tears ... but I just loved the place  

After leaving the Zoo I was half spent ... certainly not expecting the amount of stuff to see and do, next stop the Museum ... yawn ... not much of a Museum fella really and given I am an insomniac I use the opportunity to go to sleep. 

The Museo Nacional De Antropologia

Ok in we go, 57 Pesos each (about $5.00) so not too bad, first thing is have a coffee to refuel, secondly I didn’t need my lunch as I had a huge feed of eating my own words.

This place blew my socks off, starting at the Maya section we wondered through, the displays and setup is astounding, we continued our way around the Museo for the rest of the afternoon before meeting a friend for tea at 6.30pm.

Central waterfall feature in a single span monster roof, very impressive to say the least.

Mayan stuff

Beautiful rock carvings

Pre internet books , check out the detail

We also have visual confirmation that Gangnan Style is also a remake from hundreds of years ago ... just a copy cat 

The original

The remake 

The latest BMW 1200GSA 

I would have to say am very impressed and this is an understatement, it is incredibly well done and seriously worth while going to, from a non Museo dude you can take that as given!! 

On finishing our epic Museo visit and still fizzing from the Zoo we met up with Sean who met in Hermasillo.

Sean took us for a small tour then we went to Villa Maria restaurant for tea.

The food was beautiful and the atmosphere outstanding and fun with mariachi band singing away at full noise.

On our way home we continued our tour getting a great insight into Mexico City, a huge thanks to Sean for taking us out for tea and showing us around .... Sean, spot you back in NZ mate!!!

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