Saturday, 2 February 2013

La Manzanilla To Manzanillo

Leaving Jolanda and Leons on Saturday we made tracks for Manzanillo to finally meet Spencer and Mary, at only 1 hour down the road it was an easy day, we set off with Ken and Carol Duval in a private BMW v KTM Dakar race ... we recklessly reached speeds of up to 85 km/hr 

Again an uneventful trip ... I am getting used to these !!! we arrived at Spencers and Marys to to warm welcomes.

The boys had planned a local ride without luggage for the Sunday, in the morning Spencer and I set off for a ride which turned in to 200 km jaunt with probably 100 plus km of this offroad through small Mexican villages and some really strange looks, I am guessing to say it would have been the first ever 950 SE through there.

Our route

Really enjoyable ride taking in scenery and dust, we found our way out despite local advice of just turn around and go down that track!!!!!

Again we returned a little later than planned due to navigational discussions but Mrs.Garmin actually got us back to the tarmac.

Sunday night was one of Sushi galore a n d Kens 60th birthday so wines, Sushi and good times were had followed by a night of Dakar on the TV.

Monday Spencer had to go to work, we had some jobs planned for Maya, windscreen brackets and pannier braces as well as a home made bike cover, for the reference 4 metres of fabric does not go around a 950 SE so Tuesday we have to go back and grab some more.

We did go into town and go to the vege market .... felt like a total gringo ..... ouwh Ellen just said we are 

Few pics from in town, not in any order,

Big arse bottle


The latest WW 2 frigates in the harbour 

The large entrance mural for atmosphere

Very nice beaches


The colours

Large iguana on Spencers back fence .... Mr.Boots the dog eyeing it up licking his lips 

Unfortunately there was a lack of intricate engineering shops so my brackets etc went to the back burner, will try again in Mex City.

We did however make a new bike cover, this did get finished despite Ellen buying the wrong coloured material after she short ordered it ... at least we know which way is front now.

To conclude this is our we were here photo with the mob

Spencer said to make mention that RTW travellers are welcome with plenty of tent space in his yard, his only request is beer and a ride to go and play 

Thanks to Spencer and Mary for having us stay.

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