Monday, 28 January 2013

Lo De Marcos To La Manzanilla

Saying goodbye to Lo De Marcos and our Canadian family we set of to La Manzanilla.

With 294 km to do it was an easy day, weather ok temperature for riding in and fine, the trip was uneventful so quite a bonus.

Arriving later than we anticipated after getting caught up in thick traffic we went down to Jolandas Restaurant and the staff told us where to find Jolanda and Leons where Ken and Carol Duval were staying, we had some goodies for Ken so we were playing delivery boys as well.

We headed back into town to check out the sunset.

Jolanda and Leons is a great hideaway with great security, a cool as Rotweiller (once you have been introduced), swimming pool and three Cabanas set 2 km off the main road, we really enjoyed our stay for three nights relaxing and getting more health back day by day.

Ken and I chewing the fat

During our stay we all piled into and onto the ute and went into town for a rock concert night at Jolandas, danced and drunk Pina Coladas ... what a treat! 

Silly face contest

Leon makes bread as part of their Restaurant and Accommodation set up, we bought some to try and it was second to none, freshly baked you just about have to reserve your loaf as they go quickly.

With beautiful sunsets and birds La Manzanilla is a really neat place, the other wildlife we caught up with was a very spooky fish head on the beach ... dunno what breed it was but I think it came from Mars. 

Jolandas accommodation is found at N19 17.939 W104 46.176, you turn off opposite the turn off to La Manzanilla township, first house on the left after going through the trees, through a dip in the road then along a straight, spot the white house with the black double gates, highly recommended with neat cabanas.

The restaurant is downtown and RIGHT on the beach, easily found at N19 17.001 W 104 47.305 down the main drag, last turn right before the beach and 300 metres along on the right hand side.

Me sittin on the beach in the sun

The lineup, Len, Me, Ellen, Jolanda, Ken and Carol

The restaurant

These guys are both RTW motorcycle travelers too so plenty of good yarns over Red wine.

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