Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Guerrero Negro Whales

A tourists day.

What a day, being close to the timeline somehow we got mixed up and we set or alarm for 7.00 am for the 8.00 am start of the tour. 

Somehow we managed to stuff things up and set our alarm right but did not check the time on the phone thus we got up at 8 for our 8 O’clock tour.... FAIL!!

Anyway, the hotel we were staying at also ran the tour and they too were slightly late so we gobbed some breaky down and took off.

Mum nature delivered us a perfect day (other than bloody cold) for whale watching, on arriving at the lagoon a quick recovery of the delivery ute was in order as this was used to ferry people out to the boat and back.

That done we set off out to watch these beauties gracefully glide through the water with the occasional playful tail splash and heads bobbing out of the water.

The ship

We spent a total of about 3 hours out on the water which was so cool.

You would think it was cold or something

Part way back is the slat mine, an added bonus with some kickarse big machinery

This truck carries 360 T of salt in one load, I tried looking it up in the KTM accessories catalogue but couldn't find it. 

Dumping a load of salt  120T in 5 seconds!!!



D9R ..... I want one 

The Salt heap

Spot the D9R bully on the top

On returning back to Guerrero Negro we were running late, I was still feeling like crap so we decided to stay another night here and set off in the morning instead. 

This also gave us the chance to write up today then we are all but square, Wifi will get harder south so we have to make the most of it when we have it.

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