Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ramona To Ensenada

After staying two nights at Arnies and Christies we hit the road but during our stay the boys got to go to the shed and spend quality time with the two SE’s, the only FAIL on our part is no photos .... WTF how did that happen.

I thought I was getting a head cold, turned out to be a full blown flu that makes me ache from top to bottom, side to side.. so we will blame the lack of pics on that.

We did however get pics of Arnie in action on the cooker knocking up yummy burgers

The mob

With great directions from Arnie we made our way to Tijuana pretty easily ... in fact too easily as we wanted to stop at the bank and get some petrol but we were on the border before we knew it.

We crossed through the border .... no-one stopped us or was even interested in us, any quicker and we would have gotten a speeding ticket... even the dogs dipped out not havin the chance to piss on them shiny wheels!!

Next mission was to find the TVIP station, now THAT turned out to be a mission, see our spot for our tour of Tijuana, you wonna know something in Tijuana let us know as I reckon we saw it all.

We were lucky enough to talk with some cool Police, then they got more Police, then they contacted a Motorcycle Police Officer ...was not long and we had half of Tijuanas Police force there, after much discussion and 20 minutes or so in the end two Police from one car ... follow us!! ... so we did.

We went to the wrong place first then found out the correct place, we proceeded to head to the correct place, at this stage of the game we had turned off the front fuel tank to run the CJ’s rear tank after doing a successful leak test ... and you guessed it, running around Tijuana behind the Police car we ran our on the motorway so we had to pull over and switch tanks ... bit embarrassing but only a 1 minute holdup.

The traffic was thick and the Police and us sat through two sequences at one set of lights ... suddenly the car lights and siren came on, everyone pulls aside and away we go .. c h o i c e VIP treatment.

These dudes wanting to sell oranges and aeroplanes ... a likely combo.

Delivering us safe and sound we got our TVIP in about 10 - 15 minutes.

Wasn’t long and we were on our way again heading southish kinda north west kinda eastish and eventually down the coast on the Cuota to make some time.

An uneventful but cold trip greeted us to Ensenada, we found a reasonable hotel with a HOT shower which I made the most of being cold and feeling like shit from sporting the flu, most of the day was about 10 to 12 degrees so to an achey old body is was a little uncomfortable.

Dangerous dogs in Ensenada

Maya playing hide and seek in the bushes at the Hotel

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