Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ensenada to Cata Vina

The following morning we set off south again from Ensenada, it was even colder and was hovering around 8 - 10 degrees C most of the day, I was not feeling any better, but we poked in 360 km before calling it quits at Cata Vina just on 4.00pm, the temperature had dropped to about 5 - 6 degrees and coupled with the windchill would have set it below zero.

This was some scenery from along the way, nice day other than frezzing.

Rock gardens

The hotel was $91 US or $1100 Pesos so REALLY expensive but the next accommodation is two hours away so we just took it, thankfully the water was HOT and we could get to bed early to help shake this flu (after writing this report).

No pics, couldn't afford to take photos and stay there  ... except this one, another SE... these things are like blowflies in Ozzie 

We did another milage test with Maya so the stopping, starting, overtaking, dodging Toppes cruising, and one or two crack it open to past maneuvers (without exceeding the speedo limit of course) etc and Maya used to 5.9 L / 100km or for you imperialists 39 mpg so pretty happy with that. 

Coupla Gins, some food, heat pump set to 30 degrees we finally set down for bed at 7.58pm ... way past my bed time...gonna kick this bloody flu to bring a grin back cos we can’t carry enough cheese for this whine.

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