Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How Long Is Too Long?, The Saga Of Maya And ADV Trust

I would not normally post this preferring to keep dirty laundry away from the ADV Rider table however this has now gone too far with large consequences both cost and time wise for us.

All I want to do is record exactly what has happened in which has become a big and costly event in our life and on our trip, it is NOT to be turned into a discussion post. 

As most of the you know we bought KTM950SE (Alfreds) 950 Super Enduro R, he had quite the ad showing off to quote “what would you expect to ask for such a fine machine”

This is what we paid for

So we bought the bike based on the shiny ad, pumped up with the right gear, new luggage etc, what could possibly go wrong.

Funny enough we had become “the guys who bought that bike”, for a while there I was proud thinking we had done the right thing.

Before it was sent Alfred said sorry I could not clean the bike as it is very cold up there and I said no worries (looking at my ad pictures thinking it looked great), I was not worried initially then he sent the photos through ... WTF

This is how it was sent.

We finally received the bike on 22 Dec, upon rolling it out of the truck I started her with a huge grin despite the clumps of mud and shit all over her as I was happy to finally get her.... well she rattled very badly and continued to rattle sounding like the cam chain or something was ready to bail....grin gone 

I rang Alfred right there and then after switching her off, he said that is the nature of the beast and it did this once every twenty starts or so.

Having owned a 990 SMR I knew this was not normal but what could I do.

Still concerned I rang Dillon at Zen Motorcycle straight away, we took it round there and it had quietened down by then.

So we went home, next morning started her up and she rattled badly again so I shut her off.

We dropped the oil out into a bowl .... FARK

Spencer (KTMSER) came around and we proceeded to remove the screens as well... we could not believe our eyes.

Dry Sump Tank Screen full

Base Sump Screen Full

Oil Filter creased from coolant.

Engine oil black and full of contaminants 

Looking at this brings the milage into dispute ... did it have a new speedo??, something was NOT right.

In the sale photos the bike has pretty good rubber, when delivered the bike tires had obviously been thrashed since the ad was placed being chunked up and torn, i.e. thrashed.

In the ad was mention of the great CJ designs powdercoated tank which was one of the big drawcards, no mention of it leaking gas out of a crack at the front, this had obviously been there a while as the fuel stain was down the subframe and swingarm, would he have known about it ... hell yes it is that obvious, CJ designs are going to take care of the repair and get the tank back to us so we can continue, thank you CJ Designs. 

So with new oil and filters in the engine and a short ride around the block to be had I went to start her ur - ur - click - click - click the battery was dead. No problem we will just charge it.

We then established the battery was all but spent and is not holding charge and in less than 10 seconds with the key on the battery voltage drops down below 11.2 and falling .... argh fook it needs a new battery too!!!

As it turns out the waterpump had failed and was causing the filter issues despite having a new waterpump in it??.

So off to Zen Motorcycle to fit up a new waterpump, flush the sump, new filter again and new oil again.

What we found was crap everywhere in the motor and sealant applied with a fire hose.

So it took quite a bit of time to get this sorted

Finally getting the bike back home we could carry on and actually spend more time setting up ready to resume our RTW trip.

So with everything needed to spend on the bike we have been selling farkles to cover the bills just to bring her up to standard so now we have a super expensive non farkled bike, so far it has cost us $1100.00 so nearly 10% of the cost of the bike and we may not be finished yet, we will know by the end of the week if the cam tensioners need replacing, if they do that will have big consequences for our trip and we will be forced to reassess again and that is very frustrating to say the least. 

I have emailed and PMed Alfred, I have rung four times and left two messages and he has gone to ground.

In essence we have been ripped blind for something that was shiny and awesome which is actually a milage disputed, bike covered in shit and clearly hammered since advertised and in need of serious work, I am not one to whine but this guy has sent me to the edge and we just don’t need this crap or expense.

When we left home we had a “just in case” pot set aside, we blew that on the bike accepting our events that led to this and understanding that we were buying a pristine SE, now the farkles we have paid for are being traded off for repairs and this is simply a ball breaker to us. 

We are slowly working to fix everything at a cost of time and money, something you would not have expected.

Think I am whining ... just remember how many of you fello ADVers looked at this very bike and wanted it and if you got it YOU would have the shit and expense we have been dealt.

I almost apologize for bringing this post to life but other potential purchasers on his other bikes up for sale you may want to reconsider and I believe if a fello ADver willingly and knowingly is prepared to rip you then others need to know in advance, forewarned is forearmed.

The question is did he know about the rattle etc, well yes as he said in my first phone call on the 22nd December on the first start “that is the nature of the beast” and it does this once every twenty starts or so ... BS, once every cold start!!! with an in your ear death rattle.

To that end this brings my post to a conclusion and the question of how long is too long from no communication from him whatsoever before you bring it to the table given the first communication was on 22 December?? 

It is now January 1st 2013, 10 days? you decide, we believe he knowingly sold us a dud and screwed her hard post the ad photos as this is very obvious. 

Alfred, WHEN you read this I give you the opportunity to step up and make good, on our phone call on December the 22nd when I first rang you you said to me if I had any issues or needed to know something best to send and email as you would get them ..... that was our last chat, I have sent your polite emails, polite PMs and polite phone calls, I have copies of them all and happy to post them.

On a positive note Happy New Year to all our readers, hope you had a great time with family and friends. 

Thank you to all who have supported us, it is acknowledged.

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