Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cata Vina To Guerrero Negro

Leaving the spendie hotel it was 4 degrees C, got my heated gloves on and all, still feeling full of the flu so woulda been happy by a fire with some orange juice.

We only had 266 km to do so not a biggy, my heated gloves failed probably one hour into the ride which is a bumma as I have only used them probably 4 times total.

The scenery along the way great typical rock and cactus garden all the way, the temperature dropped even more as we picked up elevation to 1900 metres then mum nature chimed in with a few spots, we were so lucky as we rode through the middle between very dark spots so we only caught a few drops.

Around lunchtimeish Maya was thirsty and we were hungry so a stop was had, Maya got her favourite, 87 in a pipe and we had a coupla tacos.

Lunch spot

Again a quick milage check we did 426 km and used 23 L so 5.40 L / 100 km or 43.8 mpg.

Being that would equate to an average Mexico style of day we will get around 550 km or for you imperialists 344 miles / tank plus the 10 L reserve CJ tank as well.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, just cold, tonight we are staying at Guerrero Negro so we can do the whale watch tomorrow.

We were getting organised and we noticed Maya looking at herself in the mirror ..... the cheek of her!!

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