Tuesday, 22 January 2013

La Ventana

Leaving La Paz we headed south to La Ventana to stay with some friends of friends, we were welcomed in which was very nice and nice to have a break while getting better, for the first time in a week we could say it was warm. 

Our first day was to relax, go for a walk on the beach, we also took a local ride to Bahia de Los Muetros and out to the lighthouse at Punta Arena.

Us in front of a plant 

A trip out to some hot springs

Turning Maya in a sandpit 

Time to get out of the sand .... gotta love hp!.... just shift that sand behind me...... 

Down to the beach to watch kite boarding, some talented people riding them

Photo op .... does my bum make that boat look small?

Getting around here in the sand has its moments and once or twice I left a couple of small swerves and trenches


On the way to the lighthouse

The lighthouse

Some ruins ..... and a knackered concrete structure  

More plants

I originally put my helmet and glove there out of the wind ... then I liked the picture 

The old structure and old lighthouse base

Next on the plan was to do a ring circuit of the bottom of Baja for as look, total 390 km day return taking in all the sights and places, an uneventful trip was had along with a beautiful lunch from stall beside an industrial area. 

No pics of this day tho .. bit slack really but nothing r e a l l y caught my eye.

Saturday night we went to an event called Burning Bush which was the 10th annual event, a small brother event to Burning Man in the Arizona Desert.

This was absolutely fantastic, never seen anything like it, what an effort these guys went too, fire displays lit up the sky with assistance from petrol, diesel and LPG ..... totally cool pyrotechnics with good music and atmosphere.

As it was a rising from the ashes theme the Phoenix was the feature of the night with huge wooden birds with wings able to be flapped with human power.

Here is a multitude of pics, got SO many but you get the story anyway.

Structures awaiting their fate

It started

Our crew from left to right, Jill, John, Brenda, Ellen and I

The burning sphere ..... my fave, this was totally cosmic lying on the sand looking up underneath it, best had with a dooby or whiskey to enhance its effects 

Now shot darkening the structure ... check it out!!

The bubble man

Some burning plants

A close up looking into the burning plant

Some Phoenix birds that the wings operated and were fire breathing

The big Phoenix on the beach

The volcano erupts

Finally the hill that goes boom  .... this was REALLY cool and let off quite the boom with a totally cool mushroom to go.

Apart from that it has been boring  

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