Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Uruapan To Zitacuaro

Leaving Uruapan we headed to Moreila then towards Toluca, we managed to get completely lost trying to get out of Moreila .... as did a Canadian who was equally and directionally challenged as we were.

We figured it out after cooling down with a cold coffee and some lunch, the road to Zitacuaro were we stayed was outstanding and a sport bikers dream climbing to 2900 metres

Some locals

Comfort stop

Beautiful day

Arrriving at Zitacuaro we decided to call it a day there as I was getting tired again (I must be gettin old).

Finding a Hotel was a mission, some were very pricey and others were ... very cheap, wanting something a little more than dodgy and not quite 5 star we ended up and Hotel Mexico on the main drag, very nice place and reasonable rates too, right in the hub of town with a huge food selection. 

We stayed in Hotel Mexico, probably one of the nicest places we have stayed and very reasonably priced to, come highly recommended to a tired RTWer. 

Once settled in a dealt to Maya's bleeding fork leg after some great advice from over on the OC.

We tried to get a film to do the job however the photo shops were shut so we cut up a plastic drink bottle which worked a real treat. 

While performing the delicate operation in the parking lot of the Hotel we gained a small crowd who had taken interest ... so a photo was in order

To keep Maya company they bought along a child to chat with  

A short walk around town after the repairs were done we saw all sorts of things, I seemed to be of interest being pretty much the only blonde head in town  

Ballons and goodies for sale, seems to be the norm for a lot of these town

More food

VW vans are everywhere, they are used as Taxis.

A good sleep and wee were off to Mexico city to meet Gary and Ivonne 


Anonymous said...

Wow, just caught from October. A lot has happened to you guys. Sorry to hear of Ellen's crash, DR trouble and KTM seller being dishonest.

It looks like things are going a lot better the last month. Hope it will continue. Did you sell the DR's before leaving the States?

Take care,

Greg and Lenora (May not remember us, welded Ellen's kick stand before you took off)
Chugiak Alaska

Two Moto Kiwis said...

Hi Greg and Lenora,

Who are you? Of course we remember you guys, although Andi's memory is not so good, but he can't forget the TT he sat and rode on, remember his big smile?

We are all good now, just left Mexico City, on our way to Oaxaca now...

How in the Tenere going?