Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bogota And Two Dodgy Ozzies

Minding our own business and checking our emails pops up a message saying Two Dodgy Ozzies, being it was bordering on our patented Two Dodgy Kiwis name we investigated further .

Turns out Adrian and Lauren from Ozzie are on a 12 GSA on a north to south trip, just a little shorter than us.

They were arriving in Bogota while we were there and asked if we wanted to catch up???? .... we said nah you are on a BMW, then we found out he did have a 990 Adventure R so ok, we can make concessions(j/k).

We organised to meet and head out for coffee (they also brought along Jürgen, Dan and Sara had seen his F650GS at Girag, Jürgen is tarvelling south too) which turned into lunch, which turned into a walk up the Monserrate for the afternoon followed by an information swap session later that avo.

What a great day out with our neighbours amidst excitement of travel tales and experiences, now Adrian has a feature I am seriously envious of, being able to stand over a tall adventure bike with room to spare, here he is pictured with Ellen.

So Adrian and Lauren are touring on a 12 GSA making the most of their time which is cool to see, onya guys for doing it too.

The Team up at the top after our walk.

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