Sunday, 13 October 2013

Choachi To Villanueva

Heading off from the highlands of Choachi heading down to Villavicencio we had a wee surprise of three Royal Enfields out for a hoon.

We made attempts to meet ADVer DaytonaMike in Villavicencio no reply so we continued north and took a shortcut which took an interesting turn.

It was a road through the open backlands of the eastern side, we took a turn which led us down a road winding through farmlands and plantations so very nice indeed.

It was hot so we played in the puddles to cool the boots 

Upon leaving a small town our road turned into a single lane vehicle track that slowly but surely disintegrated to a riverbed style of road, we should have known better at this point.

Coming across a small creek we forded it, it was dirty so could not see the bottom or rock, it was also a greasy as a mechanics rag so proved interesting, clip on the pic to play.

Negotiating it successfully we carried on with the track getting gnarlier the it appeared ... a river .... a BIG brown river, we would not even cross it in our truck shown up above let alone on Maya loaded so yeap a bit of a show stopper. 

Oh dear, to turn around was a l o n g way back but to cross was impossible.

Turn back, our only option so we did crossing back over the slippery creek and backtracking some 14 km to the turnoff, again turn left and go wide out or go way back and backtrack back up the main road so we chose to turn left clobbering miles of rough stoney roads and finally finding the magical bridge which we were very happy to find or it would have been an epic back track.

This skinny bridge was a welcome sight

Destination was Villanueva, only because we were running miles behind and I was spent, it was also nudging 40 degrees so we were dripping hot, luckily we found a reasonably priced hotel with sort of air-conditioning to save the day.

The last bit of today was so slow with lumpy roads

In fact SO slow today that our shadow got sick of waiting for us then overtook us ... the cheek of it 

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geoff anders said...

Jeez Andi, I thought you'd just flick into 4wd to cross that river! You losing your touch mate?
What a great trip you guys, always good reading and pix.