Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Guacheta To Villa De Leyva

Not a big day planned and a gentle scoot through backroads to Villa De Leyva which is a small tourist stop.

For us today was a backroad tour through the pottery manufacturing capital.

Villa De Leya

The tourist town with a HUGE main square or Plaza as they call them here.

Sun setting over the Plaza

A local ... flat out!!!

Was a nice town to visit with many tourist attractions, while there we wanted to see the Teracota Casa, what a seriously cool place.

Here is a couple of pics, if you wonna see tonnes more click on the pic which will take you to our album

While there we did a short climb to the lookout to try and work off some empanadas which have been slowly accumulating thus making a spare tire on us .... we don’t have room for this.

That white dude was copying me 

View from the top looking down into town

On the way back down we stopped at the loveheart (as ya do)

It is actually quite big

The funny things you find in a small town, a Kiwi knife, made in China, found in Villa De Leyva in Colombia fairly international trade goin on there 

The place we stayed at has a puppy, pretty groovy wee felless she was keen to play and even keener on our lunch.

Next small ride to Sacama, on a red road which means it is paved and easy, after floundering around on some rough backroad it will be nice to see some tar and twisties for a while .....what can possibly go wrong  .. ... 

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