Thursday, 3 October 2013

Libano To Bogota And My 22nd Birthday For The 25th Time

We left Libano for Bogota, city of 10 million people, not normally our gig but Salvador had given us some great local knowledge for roads to come over which was cool so it was a pretty neat day loaded with twisties. 

Salvador and Paola had kindly offered us to stay with them in their apartment in downtown which was simply awesome, Maya had full undercover parking and it is as safe as houses.

We had a few things to do, get the new Heidenau, get out tablet replaced, try and get our debit cards sorted and have my birthday.

Add to that we were meeting Dan and Sara from, we had chatted over email prior leaving from New Zealand and we had passed them in Canada with big waves without realizing it was them in the rain, they arrived in Bogota the 25th with our new replacement filter .

We managed to get our tablet sorted and changed after some anger and international f-words which was clearly understood and we picked up the new tyre so mission accomplished there.

Being the 25th was my birthday Dan and Sara joined us for tea at a local seafood restaurant which was cool.

The six of us chatted, drank and ate the evening away, what a super birthday of new places, faces and food, a very international gathering of likeminded nuttas, on going to leave they shouted our tea which was spiffing, onya guys we are lucky people to have great and generous friends 

Me, Sara and Ellen

Opposite side of the ring, Dan, Paola and Salvador

The only photo of the birthday cake .....truly lookin like a retard singing ... you are allowed to when you are old 

Due to this being my birthday week which I was happy to drag as long as I possibly could the mission was set to go to the northern part of the city where there are clubs and bars galore, given Salvador is an interior designer having done very top end international work in Dubai etc he told us of a cool place, he understated that and took us to a the place that was five floors of bar, night club and seriously groovily finished.

Check out his work 

This place rocked, starting of with a bottle aquadiente which lasted one round it was all on, we got bar platters of beautiful food and continued chatting, eating and drinking, check out the detail in the not so great photos that don't really do it justice.

A reminder which side of the stair to use, handy when you have bobbly boots from Scotch input 

A 20 foot shipping container in the bar ... as ya do!!

Some locals with stylie hairdos

Three queens, Miss Bogota .... your choose 

More Scotch, more shots, more smiles.

As the night grew so did the sounds progressively turning from cool local/english restaurant/bar music into full on international club sounds inducing much freestyle dancing and drunken grins, great night out for the oldies ... it was dark when we got home.

Sara and I making the most of the shadows so no one could see us dancing ...ahem scotchinducedfreestyle 

This guy is just trouble 


Now everyone says Bogota is just a big ugly city, although BIG cities are not totally my gig I disagree with ugly and maintain that pretty much no matter where you go you can make the most of it and enjoy it, you will always find the good side if you want it.

Guys, thanks that was the best 47th birthday I have ever had , truly was great celebration with grog, girls and guys.

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