Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bogota To Choachi With Paola And Salvador

Finally after getting stuff sorted with bike, bank and Bogota we set to, destination Choachi via Jesus.

We were here 

Salvador convinced Paola it was a great idea to go for lunch at Choachi, I backed him and we won ... boy power WOH HOH. 

As Murphy would have when we got to the top it started raining, being the good bastid that I am a lent her my wet pants, if the social team is happy everyone is happy (and dry) 

Then ... as Murphy would have it again ... the rain cleared so my pants worked well.... then it got bloody hot however we were up at 3600 metres and it was cool enough to warrant leaving the pants on and helped keep Paola warm.

Arriving at Choachi we went to Salvador and Paolas fav spot with very nice food.

Thanks for that guys, a little treat that was. 

So bill time, we agreed at the beginning that we were spotting lunch, Salvador and Paola teamed up and he pulled the “I am going to the toilet” maneuver, Paola tricked me into conversation with Salvador quietly paid until I busted him.

Soooooo while he DID go to the toilet I did the “I will check the bikes” maneuver and quietly stuffed the money into his glovebox on his 950 Adventure ... he he .... won’t get one over the Kiwis!!!   

We won, I rang him when he got home and told him to check his glovebox HA ..Done! 

Guys thanks for having us stay with you in Bogota, you really made our stay an absolute blast, helping us and Dan and Sara out as well was beyond the call of duty, we look forward to reciprocating in New Zealand.

Team Salvador and Paola

Team total

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