Monday, 21 October 2013

Villa De Leyva To Mongui

With an easy day set in mind we headed north to find our paved road was in fact no quite paved and in fact was quite lumpy, easy enough then we hit tar 

An unusual church in Santa Sofia

We made it to Paipa and stopped for lunch and were looking at maps and GPS deciding which way to go.

While at lunch I heard a 4 cyl bike go past, slow down and stop, then turn around and come back (we were also on a one way street but that makes no difference here) 

I local dude was out on a ride and stopped to look at Maya, I went out to find him positioning the bikes for a full on photo, he had managed to talk the hot young lusty from the girls lingerie shop to take a pic.

Classic, next thing I was in there too big smiles all round.

The rider came into the restaurant and we chatted about place to go he duly pointed to where we had been looking which was Lake Tota set at 3200 meters.

Lunch was had, goodbyes etc and we were on our way, tap dancing over toppes, going around cars and making the potholes even bigger with the 950 trench cutter.

A cool monument between Paipa and Lake Tota

Our road wound its way up and over via shingle and tar, a marriage we had gotten used to, climbing up and over the pass it got cold, Lake Tota in sight it is beautiful and clear.

Paddocks at 3600 meters take on a different look

The town of Aqitana was in our sights as the place to stay, although early in the afternoon it was easy. 

Rocking into town Maya created quite the storm, we tried to find a reasonable priced hotel but nup, the cheapest was $35 mil and was a POS the next level was set for tourists rather than travellers.

The local Police got in on the act and there was a competition to find a hotel amongst the force with each one reporting back to camp leader who was with us.

In the end they said sorry nothing reasonably priced ... with hand shakes and thank yours we headed to Sogamoso with our afternoon starting to expire.

That was a neat hoon down a great road, now trying to find a reasonable hotel in this area was turning out to be a mish and we had no luck there in the big city, I think we were in the wrong place.

With Mongui not far away it had the appeal of a small place in the hills, so ..... aim, fire and we set off on a reasonable road which turned into a small single lane dirt road and Mrs.Garmin kindly leading us through a myriad of back road cross stitch, at 4 km to go Mrs.Garmin had a moment and recalculated, by this time it was dark and she added another 6 km of backroad which was slow going, we were very grateful for outstanding lighting from the LEDs, ..... s o ....Ok, (as given to us from another famous RTW traveller) rule 1 ..... always trust your GPS, rule 2 .....never trust your GPS, rule 3 ..... refer rule 1 

With the end in sight we chose option 1 & 3 eventually getting into town under the shadow of darkness.

Now Mongui is a very very quiet wee place, hard to sneak in quietly on the bike and we caught the attention of the local police (again) as we rode around the town square the wrong way ... again , a quick telling off then he helped us get to our hostel.

What started as plenty of time diminished quickly with a string of events, Mongui sits at 3200 meters so again it was cold, perfect for sleeping in.

A good nights sleep was had after a coupla rum roadies.

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