Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bogota Boys Bash

There is no stopping Salvador when it comes to 4 x 4 and even more so motos.

After a relaxing day 4 wheeling a lads hoon was organized through the back blocks of Colombia north of Bogota, for me this was a treat as I got to sit back knowing we would find our way out with surety..... something new 

Meeting up with a V Strom 1k and F800GS and their owners we headed out of town slicing up traffic like a knife through butter out to Juans place set in a stunning valley, so quiet but not far out of the concrete, we were invited in for breakfast .... fed eggs, bread, coffee etc, awesome feed and set us up for the day ....well at least till lunchtime. 

The team line up including two XT 660 Tenere's

After our breaky we followed our leader up roads, shingle roads, a couple of goat tracks all through small towns and farm lands.

Lunchtime soon came upon us so we stopped in Pacho for Pollo y papas (Chicken and spuds)

Salvador, not wanting to wait for a photo ... and rightfully so the tucker was very nice

The bikes parked in the main square, first time there was no massive crowd looking, just as we were about to leave a lady wanted her photo, of all the bikes she picked Maya, sorry Dan just shows if ya wonna pick up the chics ya need orange 

Another coffee so we could do stupid shit much quicker and we were on the road again heading back toward bogota through various backroads.

We all made it back safe and sound however one of the riders hit a broken down car in the middle of a bridge, the bike and rider both suffered but the rider was ok after some hand surgery, his F800 GS not so well.

Another great day out with grins from ear to ear with thanks to Juan and his good lady, thank you so much for guiding us around .

Again this was where we went, stunning countryside.

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