Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Campinas to Canania

Campinas to Canania....started off a nice day but as we got closer to the sea the weather started caving in, first thick fog then thick fog laden with heavy water.....again, as luck would have it we found a building in the middle of nowhere to have some lunch and being able to park Maya under the verandah and out of the wet.

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More rain

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Onwards to Canania the weather improved bit by bit and we arrived at the ferry boat with time spare, mum nature decided we needed another wash ....and another but we had a roof to hide under so no worries

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Todays entertainment provided by a rat which Ellen hates, a small shreak from Ellen as she watched it go towards her, I came over and it was so busy watching Ellen it did not see me, the rat hit its head on my boot 3 times and died much to Ellens delight, I then played soccer with it kicking it into the sea for fish food.... wife meltdown emergency averted

While waiting for the ferry a local on a XT250. Tenere turned up, nice guy we had a sortof chat with him, he kindly took us to a Pousada (hostel), it was a nice place, clean quiet and under cover parking, perfect.

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Being seaside and having a fish market right there we bought fresh fish and squid and made a curry which was beautiful, we made enough for two nights as we planned to stick around at the beach the following day.

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The beach is another ferry ride, gratis to passengers, vehicles pay, not wanting to take Maya as we were wanting to do some walking it suited us down to the ground, a 2 km walk across the island and there was the beach ....empty being a school day.

We just crazy frogged it on foot

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The asian fish went for a swim, on the way back we spotted some KTMushrooms pretty cool I thought.

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The paving in Canania has little lovehearts imprinted .....ouwh

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Finishing our seaside jaunt we headed inland to Curitiba with a local tip off of being able to find good tires, yes another thank you to local knowledge from Carlos, this type of information not obtainable from maps or gps, onya Carlos your blood is worth bottling.

When it is tight and blind tho ladies and gentlemen you need to slow down and take it easier or you will find a big truck at the wrong moment like this guy did.

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Again more local knowledge sending us down a nice twisty road with views along the way saw an enjoyable ride, Ellen had organised a couchsurf in the big smoke with Jarques and Gloria, we found them no worries with Mrs.Garmin being a good girl today.

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Taking Carlos good advice we found Jarva racing who are the importers for Mitas tires, Carlos has them on his 990 and loves them, I also have one on my DR650 at home and like it, the shop was only 1km away from where we were staying too so everything was falling into place quite nicely, they had the sizes we wanted in stock and they gave a good deal on the price for a cash purchase, all in all successful and a great stay.

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Next up Curitiba ...the civilian tour

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