Friday, 10 October 2014

Hit And Run ... Not What We Needed

Arriving at Tibagi our day came to a screaming halt as we were the victim of a hit and run, the guy came around the corner too wide and looking backwards then T boned us then fled the scene.

We both hit the ground pretty hard as well as Maya and more to the point the Jesse luggage had taken beating of epic proportions.

As the car sped away onlookers who saw it all unfold rushed over to help us pick up Maya cos she was spilling petrol from an almost full tank.

A quick assessment of Ellen and I we were both ok, my right shoulder took a hit but my gear did a lot to stop injury.

A quick inspection of Maya was not so good, the left hand Jesse case had taken the brunt of the hit tearing and shattering the bottom support out and the case parallelograming itself from the impact and tearing in the corners.
The left hand side Jesse rack also twisted and folded in, the rear latch damaged badly as well.

After all the good in Brasil we have been let down by a hit and run and the Police at first were not helpful until anger stepped into the equation.
We finally left the scene of the accident with the Police saying we will look for the car …. sure.

As we headed off to our Pousada you would not believe it the car was parked on the side of the road in full view … unbelievable, Ellen took photos of the car, the house and calmly waited as dusk fell and I went to get the Police again saying we found the car, it was an epic mission to mobilize anyone with language barriers and lack of interest from the Police, again I insisted and stuck to them like shit to a blanket until we got action.

We went and found Ellen and came back to the Police station, the Police then went back to the house and the car was gone, we then went back, found out who he is and wear he lives so that was the next thing in line to go to his house, surprise surprise he was not there either, the lady saying he was at church.

I guess after leaving the scene of a hit and run accident you can go to church and wash it off, he had already left from the church...quick wash!!

We then went to his work and he was not there either so we went back to the Police station at which point the prosecutors said we will have to schedule a time to see him, at that point he Fabio (The wanker who left us for dead) turned up at the police station.

To say I was angry was an understatement but I had to kept my cool, we sat down in a meeting and he confessed to the accident, he DID NOT look at either of us in the face the whole time, no apology or anything, fucken arsehole.

We won't see anything from this and we would have $2000.00 in damage, not to mention the frustration of spending hours in the police station and the shit of a mission I am faced with tomorrow to to and straighten everything on a Sunday, election day in Brasil.

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