Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Cascavel Round 2

Having left our new rubber and camping gear behind at Sandros place made for lite travel to the falls and back and the ability to stock up on important items like wine.

Reunited with our junk back at Sandros it was a quick shower turn into humans and around to Marcos place for a bar b q … what a greeting...these guys are better than a wife!!!

Wine, Drambui and fud!!......hard work.

Marcos our main man

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Sandro cheffing it up, this man knows his stuff

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Cutting a perfectly cooked rack

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The Friday was for us to be a busy day (sounds like work eh) …well actually it was, just unpaid.

Loading Maya up with our new E07s we trundled off to Star News BMW to get the old Heidenaus changed out, they wore out prematurely at 22500!!! …hard to get good tires these days.


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Our task for the day was to set up for a presentation on the Saturday morning about our trip, travels, trials and tribulations.

We selected some photos from each country and wrote small blurb in Engrish.

In here in Cascavel there are two special riders, they are both Kiwis, Dean and William, tellya it is great to hear a Kiwi accent hand have people understand you.

William offered to translate as he is fluent in Portuguese and Kiwinglish so that made life very easy for us...onya mate, appreciated.

Friday afternoon Maya was taken and put up on the moto lift, front and rear wheels removed, they spooned off the oldies and spooned on the new ones complete with balancing which was great, while we had the front wheel out we replaced the last of the wheel seals having picked some up in Paraguay.

She got to chat to a cafe racer while having her pedicure

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Nice clean workshop

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We left Maya in the shop overnight, she proudly sporting left stage with all the Bemmers, god knows what they got up to that night …kinda like a dodgy sleepover that ya parents don’t know about.

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Friday night was tea out at a local restaurant with the crew and for everyone to meet and chat about a game plan (excuse for a few beers)

All set up and ready for Saturday

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Saturday morning Maya hadn’t turned into a BMW but she had moved to center stage, social wee girl she is.

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The doors were open and there were many bikes, mostly BMW and the usuals from Japan, only one KTM which was ours. The fello riders were interested in the dirty hussy sitting in the showroom, we had great chats with guys who had done lots of traveling too which was cool and they appreciated our pics and prevention via William.

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All in all a successful morning was had, nice food, nice company, nice bikes and nice coffee.

Alberto took us out to lunch on conclusion of the presentation very happy with the mix of riders, bikes, good times and the unity and passion of motos and travel right there.

William waving in the background

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The afternoon was concluded at Deans place with the three Kiwis having a chat in the front yard, bikes travel, girls, …normal stuff … and Dean has a great coffee machine.

Three Kiwis, Me, left, William middle and Dean on the right

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All were invited to a Sunday bar b q at Albertos (shop manage for Star News), we left Sandros and the the thunder was in the distance, black clouds and a few spits, we thought we would eb ok but no, stopping at the bank on the way we hit the rain, didn’t matter cos it was warm, we left the bank and it caved it with a torrential downpour, Ellen and I squidding it in shorts and t shirts we were drowned when we arrived (we are getting used to that now ) so a quick t shirt change and hang the other out to dry.

More beautiful food, good times, laughter and chats, very very nice and extremely welcoming which makes us feel right at home.

Finally we had been asked if we would do a TV interview, I think they must be short on proper news!!!!

It was only a 10 - 15 minute thing so not too bad, the bad bit was it was going to be live, …never done that before ….

Arriving at the Taroba TV station which is a channel for the state of Panana in Brasil, 200 000 sq km and 15 000 000 people in Parana ( New Zealand 104 000 sq km and 4 000 000 people.) they wanted the bike in the studio so they could do the interview of these two strange Kiwis riding an expensive moto (In Brasil) in the worst places,so a big audience of people who will think we New Zealands are nuttas 8-)

Coupla pics and a small vid to to finish

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IMG_2530 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Short vid


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