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Puerto Iguacu - Argentina

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The falls from the other side, we had to clock out of Brasil having spent just short of 90 days so we had to exit to get another 90 days.

Hitting the exit was simple, stamped out and waved goodbye, onto the Argie side was quick and painless and because we were only going to the falls area we did not even need a TVIP, no one even wanted to know about insurance etc (Sorry Sheldon)

This became the fastest official border crossing as well, talk about easy compared to Central America.

This now become our shortest day of the trip at only 12 km....what an effort

Hitting Puerto Iguacu which is the sister city for Foz do Iguacu in Brasil we headed to our preferred accommodation that we had looked up only to find it was full, we had another option which lead us to what turned out to be a far better place.

We could not get our riding gear off quick enough with temperatures pushing mid 40s, with Maya parked in the bushes cleverly disguised as an orange banana tree we hit the pool to chill off … bliss!

A walk into town was in order to get some groceries as we were gonna be there for two nights and we had a kitchen which was cool, my god it was hot, we Kiwis were starting to dissolve but I managed to combat that with 5 bottles of Argie wine and a some rum.

The following day was the falls, STINKING hot, we took 5 liters of water with us which was all gone by 3.00, such was the heat the camera played up badly …. more on that later.

Given the Argie boat ride was about 1/3 the price of the Brasil side we chose to take the ride from there, it did not disappoint with the boat driver feeding us under the heavy spray which was just magic in the heat, even my good ol Hills Hat could not fend off the blast and intensity of water. With shrieks of surprise from the fresh water and roars of laughter as we were instantly drowned.

They give everyone a wet rollie bag for cameras etc, the first time they approach the falls is for pics, you then stick your valuables you don’t want wet into the rollie bag, the next approach is a full on ram raid through the front door and in, really really cool (in more ways than one)

Finishing the boat trip and continuing our walk we had set out to do the longer part after the boat so we would be wet and more comfortable in the heat, this was a bloody good move, unfortunately massive floods in June wiped out the long platform to the top of the Devils Throat so that was not a happening thing, you can see the remains of some of the walkway that ran aground on the Brasilian side, it is only then you can start to understand the ferocity that took the place apart, it would have been unreal to see the water in the high time.

Here is two pics, the first one shows an extremely handsome man accompanied by a Red arrow which indicates the 82 meter height of the falls in high time (October) and an orange arrow which shows the water level in the Biblical Flood picture shown below as a comparo, it is not until you see these together you can understand the river was some 50 METERS higher than the high time

Foz by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

In the middle of this picture to the right hand side of the tree island is where the orange arrow is pointing to, now understand the height difference from when we were there the shelf under the orange arrow is under water!

920x6801 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

To give you an idea of what they called the“Biblical Deluge”, the falls are 82 meters in height, by my reckoning of our boat ride and photo v the shown picture the river was about 50 meters or 165 feet above when we were there which is high season.....when mum nature gets angry she does it in style here.

The result, I wonder where the rest is, probably half way to New Zealand , now logistically it is hard to get steel to float unless in the shape of a boat, so to be upward of 10 meters above the water leave me wondering how the hell????

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Ok, back to comprehendable things now.

There are small animals Coatis here and although they look cute there are very aggressive, they are cunning little shits, I watch one open a supermarket bag with a claw then proceed to tear into the box of biscuits.

This caused a riot and pub scrap amongst the others as they flocked to get their portion of the unwittingly donated box, blood was drawn, furs was flying and teeth being showed … just as well they were not chocolate biscuits … imagine that reaction!!

Dude on the right in the jeans is the ex owner of the biscuits

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Last up for the day a quick swim at a waterfall ... it was a very nice place ..as you can cos it was hot, see the dudes t shirt with sweat

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As you can see the water was like water which was good to swim in like water ...so we did I think

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I got quite worried cos no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find Ellen, the pool area is at least 6 - 8 meters across, naturally when I spotted her I was delighted

P1200432 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Looking down from the top

IMG_2482 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Finishing at the park we made it back in time to see the sunset over Paraguay with some guys we met at the hostel, good times and very very hot

Now you see it

IMG_2402 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Now you don't

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This is the three borders Paraguay on the left, Brasil in the top and Argentina where we are.

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We were there

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Next post will be pics and vid

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