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Cascavel Round 1


Settled in after a good lunch Sandro took us for city tour in his car, rounding the central lake area then doing back via the man in drag we passed a few moto shops catching glimpses of new 12 Tenerës and some Kawasaki’s

The last shop was Star News BMW, we stopped here as Sandro needed to get some stuff done.

We walked into the shop and there in front of me was a R nine T retro cafe racer, having only ever seen them in picture I was like a kid in a candy shop, it was also surrounded buy around 10 - 12 F800 GS which is one of the most popular bigger bikes here in Brasil as the are now locally assembled in Manaus …. good move for BMW as KTM stuffed things up completely and there is little to no support at all in Brasil.

Back to the little hottie, I stood well clear and I didn’t have hanky or a bib as I thought I would get told off for making a mess, this “wee” bike has the 1200 boxer crammed into to a short chassis, has normal forks and the usual shaft drive.

This classy little piece of kit is beautifully made all over, it is Alberto’s the shop manager and he came over and chatted with us ….and let me sit on the machine .

After straddling Maya on tippy toes two up house and contents for the last two years I slung my leg over to find that even sitting there in squid gear shorts, tee shirt and Keen shoes I could pretty much touch the ground nearly flat footed ….. it was a nice feeling.

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The best bit was to come, after having this sexy wee supermodel between my legs, Alberto says bring your riding gear tomorrow and take her out for a spin ….., for a minute there I thought I was allowed to ride it so cautiously I clarified the situation interpreting Potuegringlish to find out that yes I was being handed BMWs Halle Berry and told to do rude things to her …. tomorrow could NOT come quick enough …. sorta like your first date (you young fellow remember that)

We continued our city tour seeing a church that was and engineering marvel and various cool parts of Cascaval.

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The city center waterfall

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That night a dinner had been organized at Sandros with Marcos (Sandros good friend) and Sandro family joining us, the Brasilians know how to have a great time and make the most of the food with Sandros mum preparing a dish called which looked like a pasta eel….good times

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This is what good time looks like Cascavael style, very homely and welcoming.

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Yes tomorrow finally came (So did I .. nearly) and off to BMW we went, Sandro on his Triumph Tiger 1050 and me a on Halle Berry.

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Sandro having local knowledge I followed him out of town with my mind going overtime taking in the bike and how it all works.

Once out of town we stepped it up a bit, this “wee” bike can get up and boogie, it has no shortage of power and phenomenal torque, a quick twist of the wrist seeing me propelled to lose license speed extremely quickly, this has more grunt than a paddle full of pigs!!!

Sandro on his 1050 Tiger and me on Halle Berry

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Finally taking it back and begrudgingly handing it back to its rightful owner I had a grin on my face wider an american freeway after not only seeing this bike but getting to ride it too, thanks to Alberto, you made my day(s).

Not to sit back too long a local TV station wanted to do an interview about our travels so it was back to the restaurant and discuss what we have been up too, the TV is a very local TV so we ere certainly not national news but it was cool they were interested in the time we have spent in Brasil specifically, South and Central America.

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Sandro also took us through the kitchen to see how their family restaurant dishes are made, they have a great setup and a great team making it work, I felt out of my depth here but really enjoyed seeing the heart of the place.

The restaurant is called Santa Felicidade and it is the Fadanellis family Italian Restaurant, their food is simply outstanding to say the least and highly recommended.

Visiting a friend of his who has an automated grain plant on a farm we were given a tour of how it all works, talk about technology at its best right at farm level with an extremely advanced plant, the dude also had a 700 Yamy quad, he also said take it for a ride (what is it with people in this area giving away their bikes) so I resisted for 10 seconds before taking it for a squirt around the yard, once around the yard I gave it back cos the evil kid was starting to come out again, safest to give it back while I am ahead of the game!!!

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The plant

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After being treated like Kings and Queens and welcomed in (a very nice change after the Hit And Run) we said goodbye with Foz do Iguacu in sight, the three border corner with Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil and the famous water falls.

With only 140 km to get there is was a simple ride down a tar road and Sandro had organized for us to stay at a fello Brasil Riders home.

Foz do Iuacu next...just a little creek with a small drop

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