Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Intermission From Riding

Time to release the thoughts of my mind, having had nearly 2.5 years to enjoy my No 1 & No 2 passion in life I have had the chance to think long and hard .. that is with the coming of age thinking long is hard.

I now reflect back on a few simple things, to set up a free account you need to buy a computer, a cellphone and various other bits and pieces to take advantage of your free account….then you need everything app wise that you never needed before.

I saw a hot young lusty on the beach the other day, Ellen agreed she was hot and we carried on walking, Ellen asked if I liked her, I replied well I would but I don’t have a “Like” button so how can I like her?

We thought long and hard (again) and decided the poor girl would have to go on her merry way unliked and I felt sorry for her.

Also world records seem to be a forefront of lots of peoples minds, who has achieved the longest, fastest, shortest … the most countries, the most continents or the most mileage.

While this is kinda cool I spose one does have to wonder the merits of some of these incredible everyday world records.

I say this because I know I am the first guy ever from Wanaka in New Zealand to travel with a Chinese wife on a 950 Super Enduro through Central and South America so everyday we turn the key we are indeed setting a worlds first and a world record ….. hmmmmm Ok.

Then we have the “Fail” comparison of why are you riding a KTM down the world and how many times has it crapped out and left you standing on the side of the road, well the answer is not once in 66000km.

What has ACTUALLY crapped out in 66000 km is 1 waterpump and 1 stator, are both just a result of wear, tear, time and good times?…..i.e. maintenance or are these epic failures making it an unreliable bike? … good question I think as nothing lasts forever and everything will by design fail at some stage with time, use and mileage….ouwh and good times.

It is good to have deep thoughts now and then … but not too many cos thinking long is hard.

So if an orange is called an orange why isn’t a lemon called a yello or a Ducati … runs for cover now.

As computers slowly make people easier to use we note what can only be described as a endemic phenomena, although not new it is spreading quicker than a serious disease, it will be the undoing of the human race and communication as we once knew it, the culprit is smart phones, seemingly much smarter than their users which are totally smitten with the use of such devices at the expense of their real friends.

It would seem that Faceplant and What sup are consuming the world with restaurant table loads of users all on their phones, no longer restaurants are raucous with laugher but under a vale of near silence as everyone communicates with their “friends“ in front of their friends.

I know we are still having a good time as I goooooogled it and we still fit in that criteria according to the computer so I am pleased about that, I could probably even like it.

I also wonder the merits of being sick, so some people on Faceplant say OMG I am so ill and I am chundering my guts out …..and what happens on Faceplant … people like it…WTF …so are they liking the fact you are sick or are they sick liking it … you decide.?

While technology has a great place is technology overfullfilling our daily lives?, I am not looking forward to have a machine ride my bike for me and do all the safe stuff to keep me safe from myself just in case I want to ….. heaven forbid….enjoy myself.

In the moto circles all the “toys” the new bikes are coming out with are turning riders in steerers and removing common sense everyday, this is why I believe common sense is not that common because we are allowing ourselves to be overly digitally enhanced and at the handlebars the switchgear is nearly bigger than a cylinder head.

So don’t get me wrong we do love a certain level of technology and we have been traveling without a phone quite successfully until we got a phone card from Claro in Brasil, firstly they did not load our credit, $15 lost, we then paid additional $15 only to have in the very small Portuguese fine print that it was valid for not even one month so when we went to use it we have no credit because they made it expire ….WTF… now no more phone, it was easier.

Little money but big problems, no more phone use for us as we had more success without it.

Also, whatever you ride, however long you take, wherever you go to you will be setting a worlds first as no one can ever do for you what you are about to do.…

My advice, download a riding app then it will save you riding, use a smart phone to talk to your friends so you don’t have to see them or have a coffee with them, hit the like button instead of the starter button that way you will not have to enjoy any of lives true adventures and what mum nature offers you for free, mind food beyond belief…..try it you will be surprised.

For me at least having had time time reflect, consider and assess I feel sorry that humans need to overload themselves with all of the above and this is a major cause of stress across the world, I am so glad I am not human.

OK, back to the program.

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