Friday, 16 November 2012

Copper Canyon

We ventured into Copper Canyon the following day, it is about 45 km to Divisadero where the Copper Canyon park starts, this is the road, just stunning!!

$20 pesos each to get in was well worth it, the Tram was calling as a must do, at $250 pesos each we thought about it and agreed that we would not be back again so we would do it and yes it was worth while going across and back.

In this case the Red one does not go faster as the trams counterweight each other.

View of the base station from the tram

We had a stalker too 

There were amazing small villages down in the Canyon

Some cattle looking like ants from the tram

The main drive cable and structural tendon block ... cool stuff

At the other end

Some locals selling stuff, very nice but we can't carry it.

It is a fookin long way down 

Cantilevered platforms you can stand on and look through to scare you even more 

View across the cables

This guy was following me where ever I went .... don't worry about the mexicans!!

They are all into scaring the crap out of their customers and charging them for it, I thought this was only done in New Zealand!

Cool hole in the rock way up in the middle of nowhere

Panoramic courtesy of Mike

Copper Canyon is 3100 feet deeper and I think 10 times? the size of the Grand Canyon....sorry mericans but size des matter 

Me on the edge

Ellen on the other edge

On our return back to the Canyon edge we met a fellow rider Mike who was on an 1150 GSA.

We got to talking about the canyon he had stayed in Urique the previous night so gave us the low down.

For those who want to know the road is paved for 75 km from the roundabout at the south end of Creel, you take the sign to San Rafal. We went to the end to find the huge roadworks and a detour with the road turning to hard gravel from there down to Urique.

The train tracks for the Chepe Train

This was our turn around point as we had run out of time but on good advice being two up we decided to call it quits and return to home base, Urique was not a must see, must do so we were not too worried.

The ride back to Creel was uneventful and nice but started getting cold mid afternoon when the sun is low.

On this corner if you make a fup god will help you by the looks of it.

On return to the hotel I decided we had enough daylight to clean the air filters, these normally get done at every oil change but that all happened very quickly in Fresno then exciting the US they did not get done so were overdue, they were still pretty well ok at this point as we had no been in dusty conditions.

Gordon, an adventure traveler from Canada rode past us, he didn’t se us and carried on into town, I was sure if he was looking for someone or just a place to stay, I rode into town and found him coming back towards me so I did a U-ey and we had a chat, seemed he wanted some accommodation so I told him where we were which was spot on for him, and he followed me back.

That evening info was traded as was cards etc, the following morning he was setting off to Copper Canyon and we were heading to Guacochi.

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