Sunday, 18 November 2012

Matamoros To Tepehuanes

We were lucky enough to have access to the Police station mess room which had toilet lighting and Wifi as well as a car seat to sit in so we managed to get all our reports up to date.....saweeet !! Office work done.

Waking up in a basketball stadium to the sound of chirping birds was quite different, to be fair it is the biggest room we have had. 

Size does matter, we had a 4 tier table and seating system and a stage which was just excessive , it rained earlier in the night so both Hobbit and Chiwi enjoyed the dry room. 

Packing took a new sequence of events too, something to make a bit of fun with our room.

Take one exped pillow and place back in bag, tighten bag.

Take one ortleib waterproof bag and place under basketball net.

Throw ones exped pillow at hoop and hope...




Exped pillow, thrown correctly, nothin but net .. packed 

Our trip today was down the Mex 45, turn right to San Maria del Oro and through to Tepehuanes, arriving at San Maria del Oro we took a wrong turn or more to the point we didn't turn ... we went a further 15 km to San Bernardo which is kinda the end of the road ... damn!!

We did stop for lunch along the way at a small worship place which was nice.

We asked for directions and headed back to San Maria del Oro, I spotted a KLR 650, an oldie, got talking to the dude and he said follow me, he promptly took us through the streets and showed us the road out which turned out to be 45 miles (75km) of concrete paved road....unreal condition like new.


We arrived at Tepehuanes and found a hotel, we agree a price of 200 pesos, about an hour and a half later a lady with big boobs flagged me down in reception and started demanding money, I said but have already paid! but she would not have a bar of it, thankfully Ellen just arrived back so the chat/pubscrap was on.

I got the lappy and Google translator helped a lot, one phone call to someone (obviously to the same person earlier) then that was it, pubscrap over all smiles and we were good so not entirely sure what happened there but we were not thrown out  

In the village square there was brass band playing, the dudes where good, even the Police clad with machine guns were watching.

Bikes parked .. .should be ok there 

Tea was on the agenda as we were both hungry, we got one of these to start with between us.

Then some other english speaking guys asked if we still wanted the room .... WTF it was sorted.... apparently right hand does not talk with left hand, anyway all sorted in the end.

That concludes today.

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