Saturday, 17 November 2012

Guachochi To Matamoros

OK, not much to put up on this report, probably quite good really given the monster Batopilas report.

The road was pretty good and great fun, we did see two other bikers (locals) and with bigs waves etc was a neat find, not many big bikes here.

The only other locals we found were these fellas, they are EVERYWHERE, I came around one corner and there was a huge pod of them, my front wheel went clean over the top causing my front to slide momentarily  ... they are slippery little buggas when you crack em open!!

Due to Ellens foot injury we took it easy on a road ride, arriving at Matamoros we decided to call it quit there for the day so headed into town central to find a hotel.

There are NO hotels in Matamoros so take note ADVers, we asked some locals and found a lady who could speak basic english which was a god send, she rang the Police .... not normally what I like doing but we were not in trouble this time 

They said no problem we can have a small room to stay in with our bikes secured too, I am picturing a cell but it wasn't quite like that. 

Arriving at the Police station we went around the side of the building, he showed us a big shed, with a little room.

Turns out we were given a basketball stadium ..... now THAT is something new!! 

Back to the walking wounded, as it would happen the medical centre is only 50 metres away, the officer (Jorge)((no relation to Mr.Lorenzo)) (((Doon ... he IS the world champ))) insisted she go to the Doc, the Doc said at worst it could be fractured, more than likely at least torn ligaments and bad bruising so it will be uncomfortable and weak for a while.

He restrapped it back up and gave Ellen some hard drugs to HTFU with, she kinda has to as we have no choice.

His whole family was there too ... and had food there eating as you do in a Mexican Doctors Surgery, they also gave us food for two to take away and eat so Ellen came back to our Staduim for tea. 

We had great chats with all the guys here on the force, really great guys, very welcoming and very friendly, would have to say we stepped on a gem here by accident ..... thus proving that not ALL accidents are bad. 

This is Jorge who took Ellen to the doctor.

This is the chief who gave us the stadium   

These are the rest of the lads and me showing them our trip, it was great showing them.

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