Friday, 16 November 2012

Hermosillo To Yecora

We left at 1.30pm from Albertos, we had 281 km to do before dark which is 5.30 pm.

No prob .... errr wrong, the first 100 km was straight .. ho hum.

The next 181 was like a cut up and broken supermoto track with more corners than you can poke a stick at, for 90% of it there are NO straights between the corners, totally sweet when having a dudes ride but not so great when trying to make time. 

A military checkpoint was the main feature, we were stopped at 5.20 pm with 48 km to go, they took our VIN numbers, rego, names etc, opened cases etc so we blew about 10 minutes of precious time, so 5.30 when we wived goodbye and basically dark.

Upon leaving a vicious dog raced out and went for my leg, for those of you who have seen the movie “I Am Legend” with Will Smith you will know what it looked like....SPOOKY does not come close, anyway long and short of it I managed to get the first kick and got it clean under the jaw sending it of line and slightly dazed but he also had a crack at Ellen all be-it a slightly distant one so she was good....I think it was put off by me!! YAY :

Arriving in Yecora in the dark at 6.30 pm we broke all the rules on not riding in the dark, anyway we got away with it and started looking for accommodation, at the first hotel the guy wouldn’t budge on his inflated gringoed price thinking he had a done so we left.

Zipping around town in the dark was less than ideal, we spotted another place and went in, the right price, Wifi, off street parking so that ticked all the boxes.

Ray of ligh from above .. someone was looking down on us 

Turned out to be quite nice and quite, hot shower etc so very nice, when traveling the simple things like flush toilet, hot shower, Wifi and a sheeted bed are luxury items, throw in a can of Root Beer and there is no worries in the world.

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