Friday, 16 November 2012

Yecora To Creel

A nice day greeted us after a cold night outside, we carried on along the torn up supermoto circuit to find some first world race track, there is no telling from corner to corner what you will find next including quad bike sized rocks in your lane.

We had to do the same distance as the day before however we did have a few more straights to sit along.

Having left Yecora at a reasonable time we arrived in Creel mid afternoon, finding home again was the challenge.

Ellen wanted to camp as the weather was fine so we went to the only camping ground, the lady wanted $200 pesos just to camp, we had to walk to the showers and toilets and make sure the stray dogs didn’t piss on our tent, given we wanted to do Copper Canyon the next day sans gear this was also a concern for security.

I wasn’t keen to get ripped so we rode out, straight across the road to a nice looking hotel, they said $400 pesos, we wanted to stay two nights so I negotiated a rate of $250 pesos per night for the two night nights... that will do.

It turned out to be a nice place and for the $50 pesos more each night it was worth having all the home comforts and secure lockup for our gear while at the canyon.

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