Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Gathering Up

Good morning ladies and gents

First off we are blown away by the offers of help, information, ideas and straight out brotherly support, we seriously appreciate this from our ADV family and it is helping us formulate Plan B.

At this stage we will be travelling lite on either an F800GS or 800XC, either would be fine, anything bigger would just be too much of a handful, for those of you unfortunate to have met me you know I am no a big guy .....well not everywhere 

Looking to either part out Ellens bike or reframe and repair it as it is well set up fo a RTW bike and has a massive amount of money in it, new Ti chains and sprockets, near new rubber etc.

Same with mine, sell it as a going machine (which it is) or maybe part it out as well, either option will work as we now just have to recover as much as we can financially to lesson the impact, things are looking forward and positive so we can do it and make it happen  (actually we have no choice)!!

The Human Part

OK back to an update, today is Wednesday 28th November, Ellen is starting to walk a bit better and the scorch on her bum is slowly starting to dry.

This is Ellens bum, ever wondered what a bruised asian bum looks like ... now you do 

The feet, hmmm slowly but surely getting better

Ready for a marathon

The Blokes Department

Looked at the bike and the headstcok is definitely out of whack, sitting on the bike the steering is out of whack North West.

We are test trialing this new wind efficient fender ... makes the KLR look good 

Barkbusters, what else is there to say as they took an epic beating, her hands, levers etc are all intact ..... GET THEM!!!

Tramping boot tin took a slight tar seal applied cosmetic enhancement as did our video camera mount

Hmmmm, straightened it as far as I could to ride it here

Hard case photo, the top of her top box took off leaving only the front section  

The captain and her stricken ship

At this point we will stay for a few days, we are in a quiet and secure place so perfect for rehab fo Ellen. We are lucky enough to have have great Wifi which is outstanding in a time of need to get things reorganised.

To finish it off we have a beach two minutes walk (ten for Ellen) so she can swim and do weightless exercise to get her body moving, she is still very saw deep inside the chest/back area, probably bruising to ribs as she was winded on impact.

So that is where we are at right now, Plan A get Ellen sorted, Plan B reorganise the wheels.

Again thanks to all for the support.

Love Andi & Ellen


'Shrek said...

you could send it back to Alaska & ask for your $$$ back as the bike is no good!!!

Unknown said...

Must be that model of bike, mine gets a bit tired and has a wee lay down every now and then too

Michelle Le Tourneau said...

great ass Ellen, keep us informed of your progress as those of us who come after are relying on your information ;)