Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mexico, Border to Hermosillo

We decided to head to Peurto Lobos, round 1 after getting our TVIP, not sure of the road, later in the day, got pulled up by a military blockade with ALL the dudes sporting machine guns, they were not offering coke and lollies!!! , luckily we are of no interest to them, they pushed and poked our luggage then waved us on, gracias fellas. 

After getting lost from not being able to buy maps/books we decided to bunk down, we bought a cold can of coke to sugar up and cool down at a local dairy, a local fellow helped us out, he seemed to notice that we were slightly empty headed looking and was great help.

He bought out his map and showed us, it was slightly more detailed than ours and he offered it to us, we talked some more and he was heading to the US next week so we did a swap with him, we had two maps, one detailed and one broader map so he was over the moon as well.

We stayed at a small motel with a courtyard away from sight and it was close to town, some may call it crappy but it was luxury compared with camping.

A walk into town and we bought some nachos for tea then back to do the ride report above, as I said Ellen cashed it out early as she was stuffed and to be honest I was not far behind.

Following morning we tried to head to Peurto Lobos, the road started ok, went narrower, then rougher, then shingle, then sandpit.

Ellen does not do sandpits very well as you know and today was no exception, she took a binning at about 15 kmph and turned her bike back around 180 degrees where we had come from, with three pieces of plastic case lying dead on the ground I took this as a sign.

Knowing the road wasn’t going to get any better and most probably worse we decided in the interests of Ellen not getting hurt or the bike suffering big damage to turn back, sorry hardened ADVers but we do have to be reasonable about what we tackle within Ellens riding ability as the trip is about us not just me.

Heading back to Carborca we stopped for lunch, we asked the price but somehow between getting the price, eating then paying the price doubled, he had my money and only gave me back what he thought it was worth, we were ripped, learnt from that. 

We headed off toward Santa Ana, arriving there we bought another cold coke as it was very hot, we decided to can it for the day and found a small motel, $250 for 4 hours ..... hmmmm. 

Given it was the cheapest place we could find we managed to get it for the night, we were surprised to find a huge mirror as the bed head and the bed about a mile wide, classic.  

The next BIG adventure was going into town for Wifi, we left the motel and headed into town, a driver came around on our side of the road ... WHAT THE ... we carried on the road then a bus came round on our side ... WHAT THE ... then I realised that someone who looked like me was riding the wrong way up the interstate .... FARK ... just as well we were in Mexico as no one even worried. 

Ellen sat on the back and let me do it too ..... that is what happens when you are spent, hungry and thirsty, we were very lucky not to get hurt, lesson learned.

After being ripped off for lunch we decided to eat in so we knew what we where up for.

Heading off to Hermosillo was interesting as well, armed guards at the toll stations were not to be messed with, then another military blockade, we were waved on again, then a Police blockade, quick glance over us and we were waived on again.

A little daunting coming from New Zealand where you see nothing of this. 

We basically spent the day in Mc Donalds, learning Spanish, drinks, Wifi etc and a Couchsurf that night to come, see if we can get local knowledge. 

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