Friday, 16 November 2012

Creel to Guachochi

Creel was a cool wee town, we stayed the two nights so had the chance to have a good look around.

Here is a few pics of central and shops.

Some local crafts

Groovy coloured corner shop

Girl with a puppy

A wall ... yeah I know

Jandels made from old car tires!!!

Local musicians and a stray


Setting off on a chilly start it warmed up very quickly, a few km down the road the famous Elephant rock appeared so we took the usual photos.

The road was great condition and a really nice ride, Mexico has some beautiful Canyon roads and couple with a cool but nice day made it an excellent ride.

Arriving at Samachique we turned right to head to Batopilas to find out how closed the road actually is. From the turn off it is first world Laguna Seca for 99% of it then at Km 23 there is a sign, road closed!! at km 24 the road works start at that really is it, big machinery and no way through, talk is fours years to complete????, it is only 42 km from there to Batopillas.

On turning around it is 104 km to Guachochi which was our destination, again nice roads and friendly people, a far cry from banditos, narcos and military check points none of which we could see.

Overhanging rocks


Arriving at Guachochi we were almost attacked by a pack of dogs .... but this time we had the upper hand  

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