Monday, 6 January 2014

Canyon Del Pato

Sorry to those that have seen this on every ride report from every ADVer that has been through here .... but TOO BAD co we haven’t and it is stunning.

Ducks, that is what it means, the only thing we had to duck was falling rocks and mad Peruvian drivers.

Growth, not a common word in these parts unless you are referring to rocks, stunning, a word I am guessing gets thrashed.

WOW can explain it, many tunnels, corrugated to hell in places, dusty, 41 degrees C and edges of the road that with see you plummet 100 meters to your death right beside you so yeap a perfect adventure riders road.

At the start we stopped at the dreaded bridge which saw me fill my nappies, the holes looking just as daunting, the wind had dropped so made it feel easier.

See the hole.

Photos, why not, one wished for superior gear here but we still made the most of what mum nature had twisted and shaped for our eyes to consume, again it was unreal to look at, me with my engineering mind trying to even start to comprehend the forces that pushed this into and out of shape.

For the non engineering people here, picture a huge bulldozer grunting hard pushing earthworks for that new road section, now look up to the twisted and curve rock shelves we drive past everyday when in the mountains and try to understand the immense pressure to do this, mind boggling to say the least.

Ok, back to human things now, making our way through to Caraz we past the hydroelectric scheme and dozens of tunnels before hitting tarseal (which was welcomed again)

Did I mention barren

Yes that is a road up there

A few tunnels

In some parts you zip out of one and into another

Dodgy dark dude

Coming into the closet

Stopping to take in the view

Heading out of the canon you can see the differing minerals making differing colours

Arriving at Caraz we caught up with Tobius again as well as Edwin and his girlfriend who pulled up to the hostel next door and couldn’t get there bikes in so they came into our hostel when they saw the easy alley Maya went down.

Yet another harsh day of adventure touring

Finally a clip of the day

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