Monday, 20 January 2014

La Union To Huanuco - Toby And Sara Here We Come ...

This morning we hit the hot pools for a soak before hitting the road, this was a very local place and cost $1 sole ..... about $.35 cents.

There was genuine lime scale over everything which was perfect for graffiti which everyone had been doing so not to be outdone ....

The hot pool was so hot it involved gently lowering in the boys so as not to create a public disturbance, there was another smaller cooler pool to chill off in when the going got too hot in the main pool.

We had the place to ourselves for a while then a crowd of deaf people joined us, there were three teenage girls, all very self conscious with long shirts and shorts etc on in the pool, one girl had omitted her togs or bikini top and only had a white T shirt on ..... there was not much left to the imagination here and we found this unusual given their level of self consciousness ..... I didn’t mind tho.

We took a mototaxi out there as the people in town said 5 km, it would be no more than 1.5 km so we just walked back enjoying the setting of the river and hills.

Heading towards town and turn around this is the thermals, hard to see and not sign posted

Nice walking back into town

Getting back into town we packed up knowing we had plenty of time for the near lunchtime getaway being all paved and 124 km however mum nature had set too and virtually ever creek had blown our across the road creating greasy mudbaths everywhere which really slowed things down.

The road out from La Union is famously narrow and requires attention and a good horn

This was very typical, although the rain had almost stopped the creeks were all still high

Stopping for lunch we ordered almuerzo (lunch .. funny enough) which was the usual drink, soup and chicken with rice, we ordered one between us per usual as this is plenty for the two of us.

She mucked up our order a little providing two soups rather than the full almeurzo however we didn’t really mind ....until we came to pay, although she had shortcut us on our serving she then wanted to charge us twice as much???? because we shared or something????

This created a bad atmosphere, she did give us a coffee each so we paid extra for this but for only one lunch, another classic of the Peruvians trying to stick it to us, they try it everywhere and to be fair it wears you down and takes the shine off the place .

A small town ... with a tarseal road and a rock hat looking down over the town

Arriving in Huanuco we went to the wrong place so Toby came a picked us up, he was on one of his hire bikes a XR650L ... very cool machine.

We followed him back to their B&B headquarters and got setup, the next day a jungle ride to Pucallpa in the Amazonas was on the cards.

Just a short vid today of the narrow road and mud slicks

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