Thursday, 30 January 2014

Concepcion To Cerro Azul

Sky to sand ... top of the world to sea level, a 4740 meter drop in a couple of hours.... so feeling the cold, been hailed and snowed on it was “half time change sides” and coastal we go.

I just felt like getting some sunburn and seeing if our camera was still playing up ... luckily it was. ... but then the focus played up

Heading through National Park Paisa Jistica we expected gravel of varying conditions ..... however no, totally tar and great condition, this was actually a bonus for us after bashing around on lumpy gravel so I took the advantage to have a restful ride and a wee snooze on the way... don’t tell Ellen.

Monster rock gardens

Awful valleys to look at

More pressure induced rock formations

Tomas, if we had known about it we would have left Concepcion later and stayed in Tomas, what a stunning wee town and very un-Peruvian being very clean.

As it was only mid morning we carried on with a healthy serving of canyons and rock gullies much to our surprise, we also thought we were on the wrong road as google maps show it as road 22 and Mrs.Garmin shows it as road 24 ... not sure who is wrong but we made it anyway.

Just after Tomas the wow was given to us again with a stunning lime rock canyon

As you can see it is skinny

Further down the valley the rock changes colour in the canyons

Our day was uneventful and pleasant until on a right hand blind corner we hit a moto head on, now we were hard to the right hand side like we always are on blind corner, the other moto was totally in our lane and totally on our side as well.

Not sure what he was thinking, if we were a typical Peruvian bus or truck that flies around corners without care they would have been dead.

No real damage to speak of other than the new gouges cover the old scratches, see were we are positioned, I had actually swung LEFT to avoid him but this was not entirely successful other than avoiding a harder impact.

He was very keen to pick up and get away, I think he thought he was in a pile of shit so wanted to get outa there asap.

Picking up Maya then his bike it was clear damage was minimal and no-one was hurt so all in all a successful crash if there is such an animal

Getting down in elevation the whole moonscape changes from lush mountain to arid desert

Making it out to the coast almost intact we headed north to Cerro Azul to the beach, nice place but spendie compared to the rest of Peru.

Sunsets are something we have had a shortfall of and we have been missing, with our timing right mum nature chucked us a beauty to watch for the evening, total change from the alps and a great contrast for us.

Rock bluffs with surfers

The sea about to put the sun out

The End

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