Monday, 6 January 2014

Lake Paron - New Zealand 8-)

Day trip from Caraz, unless you want to be wowed and enjoy breath taking scenery I wouldn’t bother going.

Tobius following us up on his 950 Adventure

Towering glacial cut faces looking down at us

Neat track leading up to the top

30 km from Caraz to roads end we parked the motos and with much enthusiasm from the other locals we had good laughs and photos.

Tobius, Ellen and I set too for the 1.5 hour easy hike, we were however at 4200 metres and reached 4400 metres at the head of Lake Paron.

Damn, this place is unreal, so for those of you in South America that want to go to New Zealand but can’t afford to go bust out $5 Soles ($1.35) and go here, this is as close to where we live as we have seen yet.

A quick chat to discuss the beauty

So much orange beauty here

Good times

The place as awful

A close up

The three of us just just took it in sitting on a shingle fan looking around like three little kids being looked down on by our elders, quite a feeling.

On heading back to the bikes the combo of snow melt, rain and heat bought our small creek into a big creek

Once we had finished taking in our scenic overload it was time to head back for a late lunch back in town.

The zig zag on the way back down

Tobius left his 950 Adventure in our hostal and we did some adjustments etc, more moto heaven fun. Tobius said his bike was no good on the gravel corrugations and we had established prior that his fork legs were set very differently and too firm so we dealt it with much improved handling and comfort for the big fella.

Tea was had with all of us in town

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