Saturday, 18 January 2014

Huaraz To Barranca

Back to the lowlands

South, well, south west up an over 4200 meters, freezing cold and drizzly, to top it off I was slightly off shade.

The food poisoning in Cajamarca has left my stomach tender and easily upset and today I was suffering I suspect from less than ideal water, not sure.

Easy trip down seeing us drop from 4200 meters to sea level in less than an hour ...wee change.

We arrived at Ceasers shop way ahead of time as the road was totally sealed and great condition ...unlike my bum!!!!

I chose to die for the afternoon and rest under the sheets while Ellen entertained our hosts.

The following day Ceaser and family took the day of work and took us to the playa (beach) then on to a swimming pool which we all made the most off being a hot day.

We played silly games that the lifeguards at any western pool would throw you out for.

Some other travellers who were there, our small waterproof camera is playing up too

Again really cool being on the ground with locals.

The ride home in a mototaxi

Taking in Barranca it was a bustling town with moto taxi overload, these things were thicker than blow flies in Australia .... we even watched one get shortened by a truck when the trucks brakes failed at the intersection.

The last night we had Cuy (Guinea Pig) ... take like chicken but ya haf ta fight to get much meat

We were then ordered to sit down and have a few drinks with a birthday party ... awesome!!

Plans to head back to the highlands saw us go back up the road we came down on as we left later than usual with a few photos with some local lads.

The sand dunes I dearly wanted to play on I did and Maya took us to the Elephant cliffs.

That next......

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