Sunday, 26 January 2014

Tarma - The Cave, Gruta Huagapo

A relaxing start as sleeping beauty stayed under covers till 9.00am .

No rush, today was a local day to the caves and surrounding area.

Flinging the cases off Maya we set too only to find a massive market outside our front door, so people, please make way, there were stalls and stands everywhere, the only free bit of concrete was the footpath ... foothpath it is.

The caves are only 26 km from town and the dirt road takes you through small villages and up a valley, the caves sit at 3600 meters and the 5 minute walk to the caves seemed like a 5 hour trek.

A torch or headlight is essential, if not you can hire a guide who had a 1 candle power LED torch.

A guide and customer came in just as we got in too, so we all went in together, I had my LED lenser (made in USA and BLOODY awesome).

So here is a few photos to enjoy, not much to write about.

This waterfall greets you on arrival

Caver extraordinaire

Ellen got a dirty bum sliding down one of the slopes

It is like the temple of doom with little bridges

The entrance from the inside out

Couple of llamas on the way back, you can sit on this fellas and get your photos taken, I still prefer KTM.

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