Sunday, 5 January 2014

Santa - For New Years Eve

Shoulda been here for Christmas

Given we were driven to coast for fuel we took advantage of services that come with being in a bigger town, i.e. tire, wifi, toilets with seats etc.

Maya’s new years gift was the MT21, mine was being able to drink and hold down wine and food, after the food poisoning in Cajamarca it has left things a little tender, Ellen's gift was putting up with me!!

The three of us went out for tea ... it was nice.

The Peruvians put on an epic show of who has the bigger cracker and sky rocket, this was quite the display for a town this size, was only minute at new years and the air was laden with beautiful gun powder smell (I love it), there were burning chairs in the street too, kinda like guy forks.

See the smoke hanging in the air

New years eve done and dusted bed jumped under us at about 1.00am.

Now, a small back track to the past for when I was very young (just a few weeks ago)

When I was about 18 years young I bought a magazine called Australasian Dirt Bike, in the mag there was an article of two DR400T’s 82 - 84 model, dual shock. round mid muffler model, all you old buggas like me will know them, all you young bucks will have to search or suffer.

The article was headed, “Peruvian Sand” and there were photos of these two hooning up the huge sand dunes and having a time of their life, I loved that article so much, I loved the bikes so much I worked my arse off and saved hard and bought a DR400S which had road kit for New Zealand, I was proud as punch cos I had one, I so much wanted to blast up the monster sand dunes and in my dreams I just wanted to be there.

Roll on 29 years ...yes I am 47 now give or take 25 years, well, here we are in Santa, Peru, I am looking out across the roofs at these monster sand dunes and I had a flashback to the “Peruvian Sand” article I loved so dearly ..... with a small tear in my eye I then realized HERE IN AM in my dream of about 1984 now on my newer dream bike that was not even dreamed of or thought about back then.

Was this my news year gift?, was this meant to be and a small gift of my own history, it was weird, hard to explain and I don’t wonna give it back so I won't but leaving Santa heading back to the mountains it is a cool memory to ride with, maybe in another 29 years I will have another cool flashback with Maya.

Where is this going, well nowhere really, but for me it meant that sometimes in an unexpected avenue your day can change in an instant with a dream realized, never EVER let go of dreams as they can eventuate even if by alternate forces and events.

I WAS HERE ... I couldn't tag the sand dune so this will have to do

Happy new all, mine was!!!

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