Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lago Lazo Huntay

....per Pitbull

Let's excuse me baby
Go, yeah you baby
Back, ooh you groovy baby
In, let's make a movie baby
Time, excuse me baby
Let's, yeah you baby
Go, ooh you groovy baby
Back in, let's make a movie baby

Ok, this is a bit outa sequence cos someone who looks like me forgot to post buggered if know .. .senior moment .... again

Sooooo nestled deep in the Area de Conservacion Regional Huaytapallana there is a lake called Lazo Huntay, to say it was beautiful is an understatement.

As we got closer the weather caved in soaking us on the way up the valley, luckily it stopped raining ...then it started hailing ... good thing we are used to that, it is rainy season here afterall .

Just out of the storm behind

After some 12 km of gravel road turning more off-road we made it to the lake, mum nature cut us a break in the weather allowing us time to take some pics and take in the full glory or the glaciers looking down on us.

Looking from the underworld of the mighty Mayan

Unfortunately the pics don’t do this place justice, coupled with the awkward light being produced by the snowing and hailing against the mountain our poor old camera struggled.

The lake is a beautiful light milky blue similar to that of Lake Pukaki and Tekapo in New Zealand, it was cold enough too to mimic New Zealand.

We had a window of 20 minutes to half an hour then that was it the weather really settled in dropping the temperature very fast and turning the place progressively white.

My peak got icicles and grew some stalactites with the cold so we were getting keener to drop our elevation which was 4780 meters.

All in all a fun morning out, arriving back in Concepcion it was sunny and warm, all the snow settling on us and Maya a distance memory already, what a difference 1580 vertical meters makes.

Concepcions main stay

The town from the top

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