Thursday, 20 February 2014

Machu Picchu - (Matethey Ripyou)

MP, time to get stoned.

MP, we were lucky with the weather having a combo of fine/cloudy/misty which made for differing photos, in a funny sorta way MP would be almost boring had it been cloudless.

The start of the climb which is about an hour or so, the sign on the left showing the road and our walking track

Rather than rush we decided to stay the second night at Aguascaliente so we could take in MP.

Had time to think about life for a while, no Horizons except my thinking Tee Shirt

We made mention earlier of the chocolate, no prisoners here it was demolished in seconds being eaten in anger ... awesome

Ellen, Devin and I, Devin is a cyclist from Canada who we have been grossing paths with.

This allowed us time to walk right around it and check out the Inca bridge etc, these guys were mad!!.

Some of the rocks (and these are not the biggest) are massive and would have taken some work to put into place, Ellen just pushing this one back into line

Two immature boys

The discovery cave, from 1911.

The end, we are off

On completion of being stoned out we headed down and got caught in a heavy downpour...very refreshing.

Now the honest part, my feeling is that MP is a little overated and just well sold to tourism, generating 10 % of Peru's income we get charged double the amount of Peruvians, if we tried that in New Zealand and said because you are Peruvian you pay twice as much there would be hell to pay.

MP never having been finished or lived in does not have the soul or feeling of Kuelap thus my own personal opinion is go to Kuelap, this is more the real Peru than Machu Ripyou, for nearly $50 US I expected better from a pile of rocks, the location is cool though.

While we enjoyed it the expense and overstatement put it further down on my list of cool things in least for us anyway YMMV.

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