Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cusco To Lampa To Puno

Cusco, tourist trap but its ok, look past the people jumping out at you every ten seconds to sell stuff and you will see the nicer side.

Arequipa was huge for us, Cusco definitely smaller and easier but still having the goodies of a big city and particularly camping stuff due to the nature of the area.

Small original skinny streets

Beautiful church in the square

Some wild clouds in the distance teasing us with the look of rain

The famous Norton Rats pub

TMK proudly joining the other RTW tarvellers on the door

We ended up staying longer with one thing and another and to be fair we enjoyed the place, we also had the pleasure of meeting up with Phil (Ulti Ride) who was recovering from a crash, a coupla grogs and an evening chat bodged out in beanbags ... bloody awesome!!!

Chicas caliente (hot chicks) riding the police bikes, almost worth committing a crime for

Our BDCW bash plate is now full of disc pads, we tried to get good quality pads here in Peru but no bueno, we can get em but they only lasted 1600 km being churned around in the Peruvian muck.

Thanks to the good hearted TeeVee fello ADVer he sent down the good stuff including an xring chain and an Icebreaker T shirt ... life can resume now.

Our hostel man had a drill and kindly lent it to us to do the work, very nice guy indeed, we also mounted the fuel bottle out back on cycle bottle holder so it was a big round to complete and we completed it.

The only downside is some bastid stole our orange rolly waterproof backpack/bag, wankers, not worth much but nearly impossible to replace here.

Our gear that was sent down from the USA by TeeVee was sent to Alex at Peru Moto he kindly took delivery of our box of goodies and kept it there till we got back to Cusco. Now there is quite a good moto syndicate here in Peru so you won’t be left alone in the cold wondering, just ask and you will find help no worries.

Us with Alex at his shop

Loaded up and ready to go we waved goodbye to new found friends and set off into the distance, big distance it was too, 330 km, monsta day for us but mostly on tar so easy peasy, as luck would have it we snuck through the cloud banks and had a water free day....noice.

A chance meeting on the road we saw two bike stopped so we stopped to see if they were ok or needed help.

Turns out the Varedaro was playing up a bit but they had it under control so smiles, handshakes, dodgy dealings with sticker swaps and we were on our way again.

Great guys and they own a pub so we hope to catch up with them in Brasil

Arriving in Lampa we did the usual hostel thing, by this time I had developed a pretty chunky head cold and feeling considerably second hand.

With no wifi etc we decided to carry on the next day, if I am gonna be crook in bed may as well do RR’s and pics so the 77 road km was welcome with me being off shade.

While is Lampa we where treated to Peru's hottest boy band doing a Milli Vanilli lip sync .... he he old buggas know who I am talking about ... young punks use goooooogle so there they were with there 10 inch boom box singing to their studio prerecorded song, was kinda cool really cos it did remind me of Milli Vanilli at the time, another blast from the past ... in Lampa

We plugged Mrs.Garmin to Puno, hit cruze control and had a sleep to Puno ..... one thing kept me awake .... we were heading home???WTF

We are riding at 3863 meters so 109 meters higher than Mount Cook (the highest point in New Zealand) (Nueva Zelandia in Spanish) and we are only 68 km away, huge saving on shipping!!!

Anyway, just thought I would share this 8th wonder of the world.

Into Puno, planned on staying one night but my head cold had thickened and gone for the jugular so I am burnt out, the nice people at the hostel turned out to be not nice people at the hostile charging extra for towels, soap and they wanted $10 soles (4 x a professional car park) to park Maya which they had seen us rock up on and showed us where to park and said nothing about more for her, the discussion at entry and the quote to stay with no mention of the “extras” so we did not stay the next night choosing to go around the corner for normal treatment, turns out they lost out on 4 extra nights, again great business tactics to a white face and they lose.

Next hostel, n o i c e, not much to add to make it sound groovy other than nice people, good wifi proper hot water and parking for Maya included

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